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  • GONJA Pro | Send Message 5 Jan

    $HEMP $GRNH $BRND $VMGI $TRTC $MDCN $USMJ $SRNA $STEV etc. Be on the lookout sector bottomed and poised to explode. Lets heat things up!!!!!
      • kylefrink2016 | Send Message 12 Dec 2015

        $Gtxo-0.0082 $Ddcc-0.011 $Myec-0.013 $Maxd-0.017 ; 0.014 $Psid- 0.016 $Npwz-0.0016 $Grnh-0.017 $Kblb-0.025 $xco-0.90 $Iag-1.36 $Cig-1.51
          • J Reed | Send Message 5 Mar 2015

            New to trading cannabis stocks. My portfolio include $CBIS $CGRW $FITX $GRNH $HEMP-OLD $MNGG $MYHI $NRTI $OXIS $STBV-OLD $TAUG $RMHB - Any thoughts?
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            • JLay36 | Send Message 10 Mar 2015
              : Good guidance pennywatch. I diversified out to BioTech & Pharma after last year's boom and bust in MMJ. Still holding some, but not actively
            • JLay36 | Send Message 10 Mar 2015
              : the sector.
              • stockmaster75 | Send Message 2 Jan 2015

                $TRTC $HEMP-OLD $GRNH $EAPH $LATF $VPOR interesting how all the pot stocks moved up after 10am. Wonder if its just a one day move
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                • oldorv | Send Message 5 Jan 2015
                  : well, so far still rolling; good for you longs; I'm still expecting the down turn...I'm wrong often enough for sure though...good luck
                • oldorv | Send Message 6 Jan 2015
                  : a lot of red today...don't bet the rent.
                  • Econ Student | Send Message 2 Jan 2015

                    Interesting pot stocks moving on heavy volume. Will be watching. $HEMP-OLD $GRNH $MJNA $MDBX $CBIS $ERBB $TRTC $CANV $LATF $EAPH $VPCO $CBDS
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                    • eftvox | Send Message 5 Jan 2015
                      : Long $EEBB - CNBC doing 1 hour feature tonight on cannabis industry. $$$$
                    • Econ Student | Send Message 6 Jan 2015
                      : I'm watching tomorrow to see if that gives the sector a boost.
                      • otcmagic | Send Message 14 Nov 2014

                        GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:GRNH) Heats Up With The Sector $GRNH
                          • nic190 | Send Message 13 Oct 2014

                            Did good on $ATTBF, $PHOT, and $GRNH. Now I got $NSPH ooh yea.$$$$
                              • EasySkanking | Send Message 3 Oct 2014

                                $GRNH Awfully quiet around these parts....
                                  • Abdalla Al-ayrot | Send Message 6 Aug 2014

                                    Interview with $EDXC CEO, Todd Davis: $PHOT $MJNA $HEMP-OLD $CBIS $TRTC $ERBB $FITX $MDBX $PMCB $GRNH $ONCS $GWPH
                                      • Abdalla Al-ayrot | Send Message 21 Jul 2014

                                        Get FREE 6-page special report on cannabis stocks $PHOT $MJNA $HEMP-OLD $CBIS $TRTC $ERBB $FITX $MDBX $PMCB $GRNH $ONCS $GWPH
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                                        • oldorv | Send Message 23 Jul 2014
                                          : never the less, congrats on your biz startup effort and best wishes to you.
                                        • Abdalla Al-ayrot | Send Message 23 Jul 2014
                                          : Thanks oldorv - I just want to point out that the pot stock market is indeed predictable. See this article:
                                          Company Description
                                          GreenGro Technologies, Inc. is a publicly traded pink sheet corporation that provides manufacturing and sales of green, eco-friendly, sustainable vertical cultivation systems, and facilities design. GreenGro's products and services are targeted at consumers, industrial farming operations.... More