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    $GURE has over 42% insider ownership, a PEG of only 0.15 and several other valuations under 1.0. How did it ever fall below $2.00?
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    • Brahmsian | Send Message 15 Mar
      : The fear of chinese companies I can understand. I'm not an income oriented person so the lack of any dividend doesn't bother me.
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      : Just saying... We do think alike though ;)
      • Dakota Bartell | Send Message 12 Feb

        And The Most Undervalued Stock Of 2016 Is... $GURE
          • Edward Vranic, CFA | Send Message 9 Feb 2015

            Gulf Resources Secures Profitable Growth As It Purchases One Of Its Customers $GURE
              • PatrickTS | Send Message 4 Feb 2015

                Hope everyone will find his "Good Trade" today! Research for 04.02.2015: $GURE $ARRY $UCO $GENE $BBEPQ $MTSL $PSTR $ZIOP
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                    A Misleading Headline On Gulf Resources Causes The Stock To Soar, And Uncovers An Undervalued Gem $GURE
                      • PatrickTS | Send Message 2 Feb 2015

                        Research for 02.02.2015: $BGMD $ZIOP $OPK $CRMD $TVIX $GURE
                          • Mike Zaman | Send Message 30 Jan 2015

                            Gulf Resources (GURE) Soars On Natural Gas Discovery, ImmunoGen (IMGN) And Synaptics... $GURE, $IMGN, $SYNA
                              • EthanJW | Send Message 30 Jan 2015

                                $GURE announcing the discovery of Nat. Gas in an existing well. Can it run?
                                  • Daniel Gilcher | Send Message 29 Sep 2014

                                    Gulf Resources: Does Anybody Care? $GURE
                                      • mauricek | Send Message 15 May 2014

                                        $BA, $DRYS, $Gure, $orig, $nvax, $bac, $sne, $rsh, $dndn, $jcp
                                          Company Description
                                          Gulf Resources, Inc. is engaged in the manufacture and trade bromine and crude salt. It also manufactures and sells chemical products, which are used in oil and gas field exploration, oil and gas distribution, oil field drilling, waste water processing, papermaking chemical agents and inorganic... More
                                          Industry: Specialty Chemicals
                                          Country: China