Goldfield Corp (The) (GV) - NYSEMKT
  • Brahmsian | Send Message 8 Dec 2014

    The CEO of $GV bought 200,000 shares on the open market on December 5th. Sales earlier in the year were by a less senior insider.
      • Andrea Mazza | Send Message 9 Oct 2014

        Goldfield: Strong Backlog And Low EV/EBITDA $GV
          • gentrymillar | Send Message 15 May 2014

            Overreaction to $GV's earnings. Solid MSA growth will drive long term success
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            • jmattmcd | Send Message 16 May 2014
              : Thank you.
              • jmattmcd | Send Message 15 May 2014

                Why big price drop after earning report on $GV????
                  • Ozarksparky007 | Send Message 29 Apr 2014

                    $GV- Earnings coming out May 9th. New acquisition in financials for first time. Not on many radars, but should be.
                      • Mike Zaman | Send Message 3 Jan 2014

                        Radar Signals: China Finance Online (JRJC) Numbers Out, Global Geophysical Services... $JRJC, $GEGSQ, $GV
                          • Valuable Insights | Send Message 18 Nov 2013

                            $CRDS - another Eberwein company that we like a ton, like $OTIV and $DRAD - see $3-$4 in 12 months. We are not high on $ATRM or $GV
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                            • Valuable Insights | Send Message 18 Nov 2013
                              : Tom, thanks. Will give it a look.
                            • Scate1960 | Send Message 20 Nov 2013
                              : What will drive CRDS higher? Is this a long term play. The daily chart doesn't look to healthy.
                              • MIaffal33 | Send Message 17 Oct 2013

                                $GV up 12+ %
                                  • UMD | Send Message 10 May 2013

                                    Any idea of the bottom for $GV ??? Seems like there's no way to speculate about future contracts for their services, but I want to hope.
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                                    • UMD | Send Message 30 May 2013
                                      : Glad I bought some at $2.09 yesterday, but that was partly accidental timing (as far as this big spike). Amazing pres. remarks did this.
                                      • Shane Blackmon | Send Message 26 Mar 2013

                                        lucky to short $GV above 5.25... saw the negative article around 5pm, pays to be lucky
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                                        • Shane Blackmon | Send Message 7 Apr 2013
                                          : hard to say... i've been waiting for a good month now. But the market seems like it's breadth is narrowing. Shouldnt be more than 5-6%
                                        • goshow88 | Send Message 7 Apr 2013
                                          : Thanks Shane. I'm currently only in one equity (ATRS). All else in high yield bonds...waiting for the correction before getting back in
                                          Company Description
                                          Goldfield Corp. provides electrical construction and maintenance services in the energy infrastructure industry. It engages in the construction and maintenance of electric utility facilities for electric utilities and industrial customers, and the installation of fiber optic cable for fiber... More
                                          Industry: Heavy Construction
                                          Country: United States