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    $GXC What is the best ETF/index to short against US companies selling industrial/telecom/optical equipment to China?
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        The Market Sentiment Of The China Index (ETF: $GXC $CHIQ $CHIX) Is Rated NEUTRAL. Http://Investup.Com
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            We Currently Have A Bearish Bias On Chinese Stocks (ETF: $GXC $PGJ $ECNS). Http://Investup.Com
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                The US And China: The Dollar/Renminbi Dance $GXC, $MCHI http://seekingalpha.com/a/2dch4
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                    China Review: Economic Risk And Recommendation $GXC, $PGJ, $MCHI http://seekingalpha.com/a/2dcdt
                      • Andrew Mok | Send Message 5 May

                        China 2016: A Tale Of Two Economies $FXI, $PGJ, $GXC http://seekingalpha.com/a/2d4im
                          • Dr. Kris | Send Message 13 Apr

                            China breaks up: China etfs breaking out of bases on heavy volume, up 3-4%: $FXI $CHN $CAF $GXC $HAO. Triple levered $YINN +11%.
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                              : Good lookin out; thanks!
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                              : You are very welcome, sir. Have a good weekend!
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                                1 Trillion Yuan Debt-For-Equity Swap ! http://bit.ly/1qK5aCa $FXI $YINN $FXP $YANG $PGJ $GXC $MCHI $CHN $TDF $XPP $YXI $YAO
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                                    What is going on with the Chinese Stock Market http://bit.ly/1qK5aCa $FXI $YINN $FXP $YANG $PGJ $GXC $MCHI $CHN $TDF $XPP $YXI $YAO
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                                      : If the banks and the borrowing firms could improve profitability in the meantime
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                                      : , this could translate into a more stabilized, stronger Chinese stock market.
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                                        China: Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. 1 Year Default Probability Up 0.18% To 2.00% Today $GXC, $MCHI, $ALCH http://seekingalpha.com/p/2u7a2
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