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  Hecla Mining Co. - NYSE

11/20/2014, 4:39 PM ET
  • Agbug | Send Message 26 Sep 2012

    HL EMR CAT MSFT. Anyone buying today's coming dip? If so, what?
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    • Susan Kilburg | Send Message 26 Sep 2012
      : MSFT and INTC, maybe AAPL
    • Ocean Man | Send Message 26 Sep 2012
      : AAPL, SDRL, CLR.
      HL vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Hecla Mining Co produces lead, zinc and bulk concentrates, which it sells to custom smelters, and unrefined bullion bars (dor) containing gold and silver, which are further refined before sale to precious metals traders.
      Industry: Silver
      Country: United States