Zhongpin Inc.(HOGS)- NASDAQ
HOGS is defunct.
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            Court Memorandum Opinions in stockholders litigation concerning $COMV http://stks.co/r15dq, $HOGS http://stks.co/r15dr >I'm an attorney
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                $HOGS is flat today.
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                    Zhongpin agrees to be acquired by chairman and CEO for $418M, or $13.50 per share $HOGS http://yhoo.it/Rde5c9
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                        Solid but not spectacular earnings from HOGS. No foul play. Wildly undervalued still. These HOGS should be running!
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                          : Running to the butcher to become high quality chilled meat products for China's growing middle class
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                                          Company Description
                                          We are principally engaged in the meat and food processing and distribution business in The People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”). We are developing a nationally-recognized, high-quality, fresh, healthy and nutritious meat and food products brand targeting the new middle class in the PRC. At... More
                                          Industry: Food - Major Diversified
                                          Country: China