HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries, Inc.OTCPK - No Info
HQSM is defunct.
  • Geoffrey Rocca | Send Message 29 Jun 2010

    HQSM.PK to spin off health products division. I think it's a positive development. For more, see http://bit.ly/c1y5jq
      • Geoffrey Rocca | Send Message 17 May 2010

        I am considering HQSM.PK, a Chinese fish company with a low P/E ratio and an excellent balance sheet. For more details visit http://bit.ly/aK0PbS
          • David White | Send Message 22 Feb 2010

            Good growers showing strength today: TRLG, HQSM.PK, CHBT.PK, PWRD, CPHI
              • ari5000 | Send Message 12 Aug 2009

                bot $HQS - China food co. Will take some time but I think it can go for $16 by next year.