HRBN is defunct.
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  • Quoth the Raven | Send Message 29 Oct 2013

    Or, if $NQ is backed by the government like $HRBN was - go all in calls - the government's got your back!
      • Tom Guttenberger | Send Message 28 Mar 2012

        HOGS' takeout premium at 25% might still be juicy...I believe HRBN's rested around 15% before eventually going through.
          • Michael Bryant | Send Message 17 Mar 2012

            Seems like Chinese company Cogo Group (VIEW) could be following the same path as Harbin Electric (HRBN). http://bit.ly/AhkvNH
              • Short Charade | Send Message 20 Dec 2011

                Great for HRBN investors. Next ABAT.PK?
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                • NanoTech Analyst | Send Message 14 Jan 2012
                  : http://bit.ly/znbnAB Interesting new article.
                  • CEgfs | Send Message 3 Nov 2011

                    HRBN deal closed in just 4 business days and the shareholder are richly rewarded at $24 per share!
                      • CEgfs | Send Message 1 Nov 2011

                        Harbin Electric (HRBN) announced closing the private merger in two business days after shareholders vote of approval on Saturday!
                          • Tom Guttenberger | Send Message 30 Sep 2011

                            Volume and prices of HRBN Jan option chain very unusual, and preceding that news item!? Pretty baffling...
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                            • Tom Guttenberger | Send Message 30 Sep 2011
                              : Funny this is I just heard of this company yesterday haha, was reading through citron.Looked at other articles/comments,I'm no an accountant
                            • Michael Stuart | Send Message 30 Sep 2011
                              : I've been following since Citron report first came out hoping for a cheap straddle, with puts as much as they are, not worth it :(
                              • gabi777 | Send Message 6 Sep 2011

                                Alfred Little nails HRBN against the wall for Fraud. Hard proof of phone recordings with chinese govt officials: http://bit.ly/nxcFOo
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                                • Arthur_Big | Send Message 2 Nov 2011
                                  : Can't find alfred or his friend chrissy wu. If you see them can you let them know that we said hi.
                                  • rmorg | Send Message 6 Sep 2011

                                    again, long RBCN short HRBN will make money. possibly bankster type rewards.
                                      • rmorg | Send Message 6 Sep 2011

                                        long RBCN, short HRBN
                                          Company Description
                                          Harbin Electric, Inc. (“Harbin Electric”), is a holding company incorporated in Nevada with its principal place of business based in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”). Through our U.S. and China-based subsidiaries, we design, develop, manufacture, supply, and service a wide range of... More