US Geothermal Inc

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  • Simple Digressions | Send Message 26 Nov 2015

    U.S. Geothermal - Still No Short-Term Catalysts On The Horizon $HTM
      • Right Blend Investing, LLC | Send Message 6 Nov 2015

        U.S. Geothermal: A Messy Micro-Cap With No Catalyst In Sight $HTM
          • timtrading | Send Message 16 Sep 2015

            intraday trending stocks $WTI,$HTM,$CHCI,$MDR,$SLW,$GLF,$IRCP,$PDS,$CVE,$BAS
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            • X Oil-Field | Send Message 10 Feb
              : According to a recent TD Securities report, virtually no oiltarsands projects can cover overall costs, including production.. $MEGEF
            • X Oil-Field | Send Message 10 Feb
              : ..transportation, royalties, and sustaining capital, with benchmark crude below US$30.00 a barrel. $PGH FinancialPost
              • Simple Digressions | Send Message 19 May 2015

                U.S. Geothermal, Inc. - All Quiet On The Geothermal Front $HTM
                  • Simple Digressions | Send Message 25 Mar 2015

                    U.S. Geothermal Enters A Period Of Relative Stability $HTM
                      • Munger Fan | Send Message 28 Nov 2014

                        U.S. Geothermal Is An Open Ended Story $HTM
                          • Simple Digressions | Send Message 24 Nov 2014

                            U.S. Geothermal Inc. - Non-Controlling Interest Casts A Shadow Over The Company $HTM
                              • arose1959 | Send Message 20 Aug 2014

                                $HTM The innovation of flowing new wells through existing plants improving productivity, and profits until the new plants are built, nice.
                                  • arose1959 | Send Message 20 Aug 2014

                                    $HTM additional wells being brought online through the end of next year then additional plants the year after that, steady Growth.
                                      • arose1959 | Send Message 20 Aug 2014

                                        $HTM Year over Year comps to continue improving through year end.
                                          Company Description
                                          U S Geothermal Inc is a renewable energy company engaged in the development, production & sale of electricity from geothermal energy. It operates geothermal power projects at Neal Hot Springs, Oregon, San Emidio, Nevada & Raft River & Idaho.
                                          Sector: Utilities
                                          Country: United States