Intervest Bancshares Corp.

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  • New Capital | Send Message 8 Aug 2014

    Intervest Bancshares: Market Correctly Reflects Merger Risks - No Mispricing $IBCA
      • Yuanxi Zhang | Send Message 7 Aug 2014

        Intervest Bancshares Corp: Confusion In Merger Consideration Creates An Attractive Opportunity $IBCA
          • Bankstockguy | Send Message 1 Aug 2014

            Official: Bank of the Ozarks buys $IBCA for $228.5 Million
              • Bankstockguy | Send Message 23 Jul 2014

                Another great quarter for $IBCA, 2nd Qrtr profits up 79% .05 Cent dvd 2.69% yield great loan growth, Stock should go up $3.00 by Dec
                  • Bankstockguy | Send Message 2 May 2014

                    $IBCA 1st Qrt 2014 Reports 12% increased profit, issues .05 Quarterly Dividend (2.69% Yield) and is still trading @ $1.68 below book value.
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                    • James_B | Send Message 2 May 2014
                      : I have been considering getting back in. Bought at around $5.15 and sold at about $7.25 last year. Out of funds to invest at the moment.
                      • Alex B. Gray | Send Message 13 Oct 2010

                        Intervest Bancshares $IBCA reports a loss for Q3 2010 due to an increase in the provisions for loan and real estate losses.
                          Company Description
                          Intervest Bancshares Corp is a bank holding company, which through its subsidiaries provides banking and real estate lending services.
                          Sector: Financial
                          Industry: Credit Services
                          Country: United States