I.D. Systems, Inc.

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  • True Intrinsic Value | Send Message 2 Dec 2015

    ID Systems: An Under The Radar IoT Company Poised For An Acceleration In Growth $IDSY http://seekingalpha.com/a/27x5e
      • dbt01 | Send Message 22 Dec 2014

        Big $F Ford win for $IDSY. First SE Asia VMS win. $1M+. Ford is the largest VMS customer with 6K deployed units.
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        • dbt01 | Send Message 22 Dec 2014
        • dbt01 | Send Message 22 Dec 2014
          : potential for 4K SE Asian units based on projected SE Asian car production. $10M revenue potential in SE Asia
          • The Value Pendulum | Send Message 15 Dec 2014

            I.D. Systems: 70% Potential Upside Implied By Both Peer Value And Comparable Transaction Multiples $IDSY http://seekingalpha.com/a/1n1nh
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            • dbt01 | Send Message 15 Dec 2014
              : good article
              • dbt01 | Send Message 11 Dec 2014

                $IDSY signs 2300 unit TAMs deal. $1M+ upfront and $55K/qtr in recurring revenue. Largest new TAMs deal since company bought TAMs
                  • dbt01 | Send Message 3 Dec 2014

                    $AAL contracts for 3rd hub with $IDSY. $500K deal. Two airlines now active with AvRamp product. Lower fuel prices helping IDSY
                      • dbt01 | Send Message 20 Nov 2014

                        $900K 12 month TAM deal with $KNX for $IDSY. Last 2 deals are half the fleet renewing at higher prices. Looks like TAMs will grow over 10%
                          • dbt01 | Send Message 18 Nov 2014

                            $14M 36 month TAM deal with $WMT for $IDSY. Looks like double digit increase compared to last deal of $7M-$10M over 24.5 months
                              • dbt01 | Send Message 3 Nov 2014

                                $IDSY updates Partners page. The top 4 Lift truck OEMS are listed as partners. Huge ramifications for VMS business.
                                  • dbt01 | Send Message 3 Nov 2014

                                    $7M airline win for $IDSY. Potential for much more
                                      • dbt01 | Send Message 23 Oct 2014

                                        new investor presentation on $IDSY home page. Compares M2M companies valuations $CAMP, $FLTX, $NMRX, $MIXT, $ORBC. IDSY way undervalued
                                          Company Description
                                          I D Systems Inc, together with its subsidiaries, develops, markets and sells wireless machine-to-machine solutions for managing and securing high-value enterprise assets.