iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF

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  • timtrading | Send Message 13 Jan

    stocks to watch $BXLT,$KO,$SDS,$TWX,$XLP,$TLT,$IAU,$IEF,$VLO,$MDT
      • Kevin Wilson | Send Message 22 Dec 2015

        Bonds To Outperform In 2016 $TLT, $IEF
          • New Low Observer | Send Message 17 Dec 2015

            Interest Rate Policy: Bizarre To The Uninitiated $SHY, $IEF, $PST
              • Dave Dierking | Send Message 2 Oct 2015

                First time since the end of April that the 10 year Treasury note could finish below 2%. $IEF $UST $TIPX $TBT
                  • Dave Dierking | Send Message 17 Sep 2015

                    Today's Fed Decision In 6 Charts $SPY $QQQ $TLT $SHY $TLH $IEI $IEF $BIL $TLO $BNDS
                      • ColoradoWealthManagementFund | Send Message 8 Sep 2015

                        IEF Is A Quick Way To Make Your Portfolio Safer $IEF
                          • Dave Dierking | Send Message 18 Aug 2015

                            Housing starts: Strengthening but still weak long term $TBT $TLT $TMV $SHY $TBF $IEF
                              • Chris Lau | Send Message 20 Jul 2015

                                Leon G. Cooperman: Fixed income in a bubble. Rates should not be ~0%. $KMI $TLT $IEF -- $BAC $C -- +Follow.
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                                • Chris Lau | Send Message 20 Jul 2015
                                  : multi-billion HF..what he says has value.
                                • matratra | Send Message 21 Jul 2015
                                  : Agreed & they are looking for their own interest. They may be selling & share with market oh it is very cheap, so can't be trusted.
                                  • Hedgeable | Send Message 18 Jun 2015

                                    Understanding Why Fed Meetings Matter $TLT, $IEF
                                      • Donald van Deventer | Send Message 20 Apr 2015

                                        U.S. Treasury Bills: A 30 Year Probability Distribution For The 3 Month Bill Rate $TLT, $TBT, $IEF
                                          IEF Description
                                          The iShares Barclays 7-10 Year Treasury Bond Fund seeks to approximate the total rate of return of the intermediate-term sector of the United States Treasury market as defined by the Barclays Capital U.S. 7-10 Year Treasury Bond Index.
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                                          Country: United States
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