Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc.Grey Market
IMDS is defunct.
  • Trader_Jake | Send Message 18 Feb 2014

    This week I am eye-balling: $BIEL, $DSCR, $ECOB-OLD, $FITX, $IMDS, $INAR, $MCET, $NOHO, $RIGH, and $ABVG. Check them out.
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    • chiefhenry58 | Send Message 23 Feb 2014
      : I'm looking at buying SREH this week..FITX is a consistant win for me
    • Trader_Jake | Send Message 24 Feb 2014
      : In light of the news, I'm going to add $PMCM-OLD to this list. Moving forward this list will carry to this week with the addition of $GCEI
      • Trader_Jake | Send Message 14 Feb 2014

        $IMDS will it go thru the ceiling or thru the floor? It has potential.. See the latest filings -- has the tech, distribution is growing.
          • Trader_Jake | Send Message 13 Feb 2014

            $IMDS -- I can't decide if they'll cave in or explode with growth. Could be a winner, could be a loser. Worth a couple million shares IMO.
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            • Trader_Jake | Send Message 13 Feb 2014
              : Been reading their posted 10K (Oct 2012) and 10Q (May 2013). Seems like the tech is there and distribution is spreading..
              • lifelongfan07 | Send Message 4 Jan 2012

                IMDS.OB just sold their CTLM machine to China. Hopefully it will help get them out of debt.
                  • lifelongfan07 | Send Message 23 Nov 2011

                    IMDS.OB I believe in this stock,because it's doing helping women around the world. Eventually it will get the approval of the FDA.