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    $IMOS Chipmos Taiwan 8150.TW July '16: -5.2% so far...
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        $IMOS July 12th buyback is over and 8150.TW plummets to true value! Discount disappears!
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        • RealDealValue | Send Message 11 Jul
          : Has the plummet begun already??? Time will tell...8150.TW
          • RealDealValue | Send Message 6 Jul

            $IMOS Too much risk for too little reward! IMHO...
              • Dane Capital Management, LLC | Send Message 29 Jun

                $IMOS continues to trade at a 20% discount to Taiwan shares with share collapse vote Aug 12. Also, appears memory fundamentals bottomed $MU
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                • SevenSeas Investment Research | Send Message 29 Jun
                  : IoT, Auto, Memory, every market is expected to expand in terms of # of chips needed, plus record high foundry cap ex shows there is a lot of
                • SevenSeas Investment Research | Send Message 29 Jun
                  : demand expected, as do many industry reports. I think you are right about IMOS, I've read your thesis on it. Best of luck!
                  • Dane Capital Management, LLC | Send Message 22 Jun

                    $IMOS at parity with Taiwan shares is $23.70. Share collapse Aug 12. Plus $1 dividend coming. More to come...
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                    • Thomas Megson | Send Message 24 Jun
                      : Dane, is it written anywhere that implementation will be immediate following the vote or is timing at the discretion of the board?
                    • Dane Capital Management, LLC | Send Message 24 Jun
                      : Not written anywhere, but implementation should be between mid Sep and 1st week Oct. No reason not to believe this - have known management for 14 years.
                      • Dane Capital Management, LLC | Send Message 21 Jun

                        $IMOS share collapse vote (finally) on Aug 12 - IMOS trades at near 20% discount to its Taiwan shares.
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                        • gsterling | Send Message 22 Jun
                          : I'll definitely be voting for the merger, but I've been thinking about voting against the reelection of the board members. Any thoughts?
                          • Dane Capital Management, LLC | Send Message 25 May

                            IMOS: Likely ASE Silconware Merger Should Put ChipMOS In Play $IMOS
                              • TheMegalomaniac | Send Message 19 May

                                IMOS Followup (Exit) $IMOS
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                                • RealDealValue | Send Message 11 Jun
                                  : Good move!
                                  • RealDealValue | Send Message 16 Mar

                                    $IMOS management has embarrassed every contributor who has written a positive article about company. Insiders won't buy shares either!#weird
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                                    • tromur | Send Message 16 Mar
                                      : I do think it is a safe buy whenever it drops though, until they convert shares. Buyback will always kick in, so they won't have to pay as much to share holders. They can buy them out for less whenever stock falls as seen last week after earnings.
                                      • wilkinson99 | Send Message 16 Feb

                                        Top % Gainers Since Open: $PLG 33%, $JPEP 29%, $GRPN 19%, $BSTG 16%, $IMOS 11%, $YRD $SONS $MOMO $GBT $ELMD $TCS $BRS $BBW $KN $JUNO
                                          Company Description
                                          ChipMOS Technologies (Bermuda) Ltd. is a holding company that engages in the research and development, manufacturing, assembly, and testing of semiconductors. It operates through the following segments: Testing, Assembly, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), and Bumping. The Testing segment provides... More
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Industry: Semiconductor Equipment & Materials
                                          Country: Taiwan