Implant Sciences Corp.(IMSC)- OTCQB
  • auso | Send Message 1 May 2015

    stocktalk $imsc CEO leave the company. The board of directors announces they will not seek re-election. IS THIS COMPANY GOING PRIVATE?
      • Explorer40 | Send Message 19 Sep 2014

        What is happening with $IMSC? I can't find any news or event that is causing the price to drop!
          • antonver | Send Message 29 Aug 2014

            $IMSC finally taking off. QS-B220 explosives trace detector has been approved for passenger & baggage screening at U.S. airports.
              • newnormsurvivor | Send Message 13 Mar 2014

                $SPXU and $TVIX for days like today. Holding onto $AMD, $BRCD which performed well today. $IMSC $RUSS $YXI for global defense
                  • Sully | Send Message 13 Mar 2014

                    Implant Sciences: Oh So Close $IMSC
                      • | Send Message 12 Mar 2014

                        March 11th New York Security Conference: Releases Third Round Of Video... $IMSC, $PSIDD
                          • | Send Message 5 Mar 2014

                            New York Defense And Security Conference Adds Speakers From (NASDAQ:APEI), (OTCQB:... $IMSC, $APDN, $APEI
                              • | Send Message 4 Mar 2014

                       Security Conference Adds Dr. Clay Wilson, Program Director For... $APEI, $IMSC
                                  • VFC's Stock House | Send Message 18 Feb 2014

                                    Speculative stock watch, Tuesday 18 Feb ... $CELH, $CVM, $HPNN, $IMSC, $ADMD -
                                      • antonver | Send Message 13 Feb 2014

                                        $IMSC lots of orders starting to come in.
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                                        • sheria | Send Message 13 Feb 2014
                                          : about time! giddy up!!!
                                        • tmcooper | Send Message 14 Feb 2014
                                          : Picked up more on the dip this A.M. Orders will start to increase as TSA orders are approved
                                          Company Description
                                          Implant Sciences Corporation designs, manufactures, and sells explosives trace detection (ETD) and drugs trace detection solutions for multiple security applications including aviation, transportation, customs, air cargo, critical infrastructure protection, ports and borders, force protection,... More
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Country: United States