Identiv, Inc.(INVE)- NASDAQ
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    $INVE Picking up volume. Strong Q. Reflected in price.
      • Vector Informatics | Send Message 9 Dec 2015

        Steinmeyer Law Launches Class Action INVE $INVE
          • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 20 Nov 2015

            $INVE if Mr. Humphrey's wants to gain back some trust, he will be answering them.
              • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 20 Nov 2015

                $INVE They are giving you a chance, take advantage of the opportunity to get answers from the horses mouth send in your questions for Monday
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                    Dialog acquires $INVE competitor Atmel. CEO says "security for IoT applications [...] is key for IoT."
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                        $INVE Onwards and upwards: Humphreys becomes CEO, Hart remains President increasing focus on product innovation, sales and marketing.
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                        • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 14 Oct 2015
                          : Short interest down 7.5% between 9/15 and 9/30. With volume lately the shorts are only ones trading this. Just need to get 10Q's in already
                        • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 14 Oct 2015
                          : still12.5 percent of float which is high
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                            $INVE Tried Disney's MagicBand last weekend. Bold move for Disney + awesome experience for the customer. Looks like $INVE produces the RFID
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                              : The M&A landscape also hints there is appetite for their solutions. The Dialoq/Amtel acquisition is one that is closely related to $INVE.
                            • Federate | Send Message 30 Sep 2015
                              : Pretty sure they've been approached as well, but acquisition didn't occur as value expectations were too far apart
                              • kahoward2734 | Send Message 28 Aug 2015

                                $INVE sold off all shares on today's pop ! Glad to get out D-struction !
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                                • D-struction | Send Message 28 Aug 2015
                                  : and long $DOW.. damn this sounds silly when I list everything out...
                                • kahoward2734 | Send Message 29 Aug 2015
                                  : Yes, Energy is at a very low point and it can't hurt to buy now for the long haul !
                                  • Federate | Send Message 28 Aug 2015

                                    Turnaround Time $INVE
                                      • Federate | Send Message 28 Aug 2015

                                        $INVE Is there any way we can get screenshot of the pipeline slide from the last investor call? Anyone know whether that's available somehow
                                          Company Description
                                          Identiv, Inc. is a global security technology company, which establishes identity in the connected world, including premises, information, and everyday items. Its solutions include global government, education, retail, transportation, healthcare, and other organizations rely upon Identiv's Trust... More
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Industry: Computer Peripherals
                                          Country: United States