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Identiv, Inc. (INVE)

  • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 20 Nov

    $INVE if Mr. Humphrey's wants to gain back some trust, he will be answering them.
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        $INVE They are giving you a chance, take advantage of the opportunity to get answers from the horses mouth send in your questions for Monday
          • Federate | Send Message 26 Sep

            Dialog acquires $INVE competitor Atmel. CEO says "security for IoT applications [...] is key for IoT."
              • Federate | Send Message 14 Sep

                $INVE Onwards and upwards: Humphreys becomes CEO, Hart remains President increasing focus on product innovation, sales and marketing.
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                • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 14 Oct
                  : Short interest down 7.5% between 9/15 and 9/30. With volume lately the shorts are only ones trading this. Just need to get 10Q's in already
                • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 14 Oct
                  : still12.5 percent of float which is high
                  • Federate | Send Message 8 Sep

                    $INVE Tried Disney's MagicBand last weekend. Bold move for Disney + awesome experience for the customer. Looks like $INVE produces the RFID
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                    • Federate | Send Message 30 Sep
                      : The M&A landscape also hints there is appetite for their solutions. The Dialoq/Amtel acquisition is one that is closely related to $INVE.
                    • Federate | Send Message 30 Sep
                      : Pretty sure they've been approached as well, but acquisition didn't occur as value expectations were too far apart
                      • kahoward2734 | Send Message 28 Aug

                        $INVE sold off all shares on today's pop ! Glad to get out D-struction !
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                        • D-struction | Send Message 28 Aug
                          : and long $DOW.. damn this sounds silly when I list everything out...
                        • kahoward2734 | Send Message 29 Aug
                          : Yes, Energy is at a very low point and it can't hurt to buy now for the long haul !
                          • Federate | Send Message 28 Aug

                            Turnaround Time $INVE
                              • Federate | Send Message 28 Aug

                                $INVE Is there any way we can get screenshot of the pipeline slide from the last investor call? Anyone know whether that's available somehow
                                  • Federate | Send Message 28 Aug

                                    Identiv: Turnaround Time $INVE
                                      • QUADRAPHONIC | Send Message 26 Aug

                                        $INVE Disney will awaken new 'Star Wars' toys in global live stream event Sept. 3.
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                                        • tromur | Send Message 26 Aug
                                          : I can you know INVE involved? Infinity toys? Just a guess and are you still holding $INVE. I think everyone else gave up.
                                          Company Description
                                          Identiv Inc, formerly Identive Group, Inc. provides secure identification solutions in the connected world, including premises, as well as information centers.
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Country: United States