Imperial Sugar Company (IPSU) - NASDAQ
IPSU is defunct.
  • Mark Krieger | Send Message 11 May 2015

    $TLM, $SWY, Cock full of Nuts, $CKR, $WINN, $IPSU and $FDO all were takeovers that I heavily promoted.... $FSYS & $LUB will be no different.
      • Mark Krieger | Send Message 24 Sep 2014

        $LUB and $FSYS: buyouts inevitable-just like I predicted on $SWY,$CKR,$IPSU,$WIN and $PBY (deal announced, but buyer withdrew).
          • Asif Suria | Send Message 7 May 2012

            New Post: Merger Arbitrage Mondays $SUN $HOLX $PLXT $IPSU $PSS $PFCB $CEBK $ESIC $ASNA $SMSC $RDSMY.PK $ABVA $BAMM
              • Montourage | Send Message 3 May 2012

                I thought the price for IPSU was a bit low myself given I was going to hold this for a while. Still going to wait it out a bit.
                  • vireoman | Send Message 1 May 2012

                    I just missed the last surge in IPSU stock price. Glad I didn't miss this one. Thanks, Mark Krieger, for the convincing articles.
                      • vireoman | Send Message 19 Mar 2012

                        Okay, so what the hell is the story with IPSU today?
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                        • vireoman | Send Message 19 Mar 2012
                          : Ah, yes. The shorts. I expect you're right. Given the news, the move seems excessive, Malt. (Good name, by the way)
                        • X Oil-Field | Send Message 17 Apr 2012
                          : For the record added 500/SH today IPSU could not pass on the price at the close ACHI 500/SH @$4.oo.
                          • Anapanganiban | Send Message 8 Mar 2012

                            $IPSU :)
                              • Michael Kudrna | Send Message 8 Mar 2012

                                $IPSU surging, been on the radar over past few weeks. Some in live chat are trading it right now. 7.50 area key resistance $$ #KSMT
                                  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 10 Feb 2012

                                    Imperial Sugar (IPSU) up again, surging 18%. Great two day rally, but could see a pullback soon. Longterm $15.;c=
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                                    • Energysystems | Send Message 10 Feb 2012
                                      : Do the voices in ones head count as clients?
                                    • Michael Bryant | Send Message 10 Feb 2012
                                      : LOL! No.
                                      • vireoman | Send Message 9 Feb 2012

                                        Holy crap! Read today's article on IPSU, get interested, and start researching. Find it went up 79% today! Guess I'll be waiting a while.
                                          Company Description
                                          Imperial Sugar Company was incorporated in 1924 and is the successor to a cane sugar plantation and milling operation founded in Sugar Land, Texas in the early 1800s that began producing granulated sugar in 1843. Imperial Sugar Company is one of the largest processors and marketers of refined... More
                                          Industry: Confectioners
                                          Country: United States