Imperial Sugar CompanyNASDAQ
IPSU is defunct.
  • Mark Krieger | Send Message 11 May 2015

    $TLM, $SWY, Cock full of Nuts, $CKR, $WINN, $IPSU and $FDO all were takeovers that I heavily promoted.... $FSYS & $LUB will be no different.
      • Mark Krieger | Send Message 24 Sep 2014

        $LUB and $FSYS: buyouts inevitable-just like I predicted on $SWY,$CKR,$IPSU,$WIN and $PBY (deal announced, but buyer withdrew).
          • Asif Suria | Send Message 7 May 2012

            New Post: Merger Arbitrage Mondays http://bit.ly/st1w3P $SUN $HOLX $PLXT $IPSU $PSS $PFCB $CEBK $ESIC $ASNA $SMSC $RDSMY.PK $ABVA $BAMM
              • Montourage | Send Message 3 May 2012

                I thought the price for IPSU was a bit low myself given I was going to hold this for a while. Still going to wait it out a bit.
                  • vireoman | Send Message 1 May 2012

                    I just missed the last surge in IPSU stock price. Glad I didn't miss this one. Thanks, Mark Krieger, for the convincing articles.
                      • vireoman | Send Message 19 Mar 2012

                        Okay, so what the hell is the story with IPSU today?
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                        • vireoman | Send Message 19 Mar 2012
                          : Ah, yes. The shorts. I expect you're right. Given the news, the move seems excessive, Malt. (Good name, by the way)
                        • X Oil-Field | Send Message 17 Apr 2012
                          : For the record added 500/SH today IPSU could not pass on the price at the close ACHI 500/SH @$4.oo.
                          • Anapanganiban | Send Message 8 Mar 2012

                            $IPSU :)
                              • Michael Kudrna | Send Message 8 Mar 2012

                                $IPSU surging, been on the radar over past few weeks. Some in live chat are trading it right now. 7.50 area key resistance $$ #KSMT
                                  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 10 Feb 2012

                                    Imperial Sugar (IPSU) up again, surging 18%. Great two day rally, but could see a pullback soon. Longterm $15. http://yhoo.it/x55aQk;c=
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                                    • Energysystems | Send Message 10 Feb 2012
                                      : Do the voices in ones head count as clients?
                                    • Michael Bryant | Send Message 10 Feb 2012
                                      : LOL! No.
                                      • vireoman | Send Message 9 Feb 2012

                                        Holy crap! Read today's article on IPSU, get interested, and start researching. Find it went up 79% today! Guess I'll be waiting a while.