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IRIDEX Corporation (IRIX)

  • Valuable Insights | Send Message 9 Dec 2013

    $IRIX looks poised for breakout. Another great call by Inflection Point Investing - Management on road this week.
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    • marcypress | Send Message 17 Dec 2013
      : What's your recommendation on IRIX now that it is down under $9?
    • wignewton | Send Message 24 Dec 2013
      : This company is going to hit positive cash flow and has implemented buy back program. Nice article by Inflection Point.
      • PA | Send Message 28 Nov 2013

        $IRIX....great article
          • Valuable Insights | Send Message 28 Nov 2013

            $IRIX - excellent Alpha-Rich article Possible to catch something big very early. Co was repurchasing stock this year.
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            • monumentalgains | Send Message 28 Nov 2013
              : DRAD or NTE over the next six months? thanks
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              Company Description
              Iridex Corp along with its subsidiaries, is a provider of therapeutic based laser console, delivery devices and consumable instrumentation used to treat sight-threatening eye diseases in ophthalmology.