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Iron Mountain Inc. (IRM)

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    "9 Lesser-Known Dividend Stocks You Should Get to Know." New Media ($NEWM) & Iron Mountain ($IRM) seem buys.
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        Iron Mountain Offers High Dividend Yield $IRM
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            MFI Stock Screener $VRX,$FTR,$WMB,$WDC,$LQD,$HAIN,$RDN,$CA,$RGLD,$IRM
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                Bullish Stocks Still Worth Watching | $UNFI $SWC $OI $NFLX $MSI $IRM $INFY $ICON $HRB $HFC $FL $EL $AAPL
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                  : Yep, but I owned it from the mid 30's up. Hard to buy at this price.
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                  : I would agree.
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                        Iron Mountain - SWOT + Dividend Stats $IRM
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                                Dividend Stocks to Invest In - July 17 List $CMO $PDLI $SBGL $IRM $RIO
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                                    $CLI $CUZ $NYRT $SBY $CSG $SNH $APTS $IRT $IRM $SNR US REITs - 2015 June's Best & Worst Performing Stocks @GilverBook
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                                        Iron Mountain Recalls Dividend Growth After Acquisition $IRM
                                          Company Description
                                          Iron Mountain Inc provides information protection and storage services. The reportable operating segments of the Company are North American Business, International Business and Corporate.