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  • D-struction | Send Message 25 Jan

    What's up with $ITA and $KRE PM? Are those gains real??
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    • losbronces | Send Message 25 Jan
      : $KRE, bid 35.32, ask 35.90. $ITA, bid 104.01, ask 115.22. RT quotes PM.
    • D-struction | Send Message 25 Jan
      : oh well...
      • Michael Bryant | Send Message 10 Jan

        Opportunities in "healthcare ($IYH), defense ($ITA), infrastructure, & consumer discretionary ($XLY)." $LMT??
          • Retirefund | Send Message 10 Sep 2015

            IBC Advanced Alloys Secures Another Tooling Contract With Lockheed Aerospace $IAALF, $LMT, $ITA
              • FullFocus | Send Message 24 Jun 2015

                $ITA is there any "hooverbike" stock out there?? &
                  • Emerging Market Skeptic | Send Message 8 Sep 2014

                    How Canaccord Genuity is hedging for Iraq & Ukraine turmoil: USD, Oil, Aerospace/Defense $USO $ITA $PPA $XAR $UUP
                      • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 4 May 2014
                          • Robert Wagner | Send Message 25 Feb 2014

                            Why Fiscal Policy Matters; President Obama's Cutting The Military $COL, $GD, $ITA
                              • realornot | Send Message 23 Jun 2012

                                EURO cup update:Eng vs ITA is tomorrow. Winner will face Germany, Merkel ! lol Likely GER-OLD will win. Other side is POR vs SPN winner face GER
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                                • BTD70 | Send Message 25 Jun 2012
                                  : Agreed, they take their football quite seriously. Not just a game.
                                • Oliver L. | Send Message 19 Feb 2013
                                  : it *is* possible to take things too seriously...GER hasn't won a title in a while and SPN is maybe the best team ever
                                  • realornot | Send Message 19 Jun 2012

                                    EURO cup update: CZE vs POR GER-OLD vs GRE ENG vs ITA ESP vs FRA You see all the trouble EU countries are still in. POR-GRE-ITA-ESP-FRA LOL
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                                    • realornot | Send Message 19 Jun 2012
                                      : They are building a coalition party on the soccer field!
                                      • Demi9OD | Send Message 29 Dec 2011

                                        TED spread back up, ITA 10yr up, DX up, TLT nearly flat even after a surging run yesterday. SPY upside quite limited here without catalyst.
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                                        • Husky Financial | Send Message 29 Dec 2011
                                          : Bloomberg story on possibility of ECB cut to record low rates in Q1 2012 as inflation fears lessen could do it for the next couple of hours
                                        • humahuaca | Send Message 29 Dec 2011
                                          : pretty sure everyone expects another .25% cut at each of next 2 ECB meetings?
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