iPath Inverse January 2021 S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETNNYSE
IVO is defunct since September 12, 2011. Redeemed by Barclays after shares fell below $10
  • olavn | Send Message 12 Sep 2011

    is it IVO will be ,, terminated,, when price reash 10 ?
      • cowpieTX | Send Message 18 Apr 2011

        i'm taking a breather. sold 1/2 of TVIX position. waiting for re-entry. IVO and XIV are looking tasty on rebounds.
          • cowpieTX | Send Message 12 Apr 2011

            Boat, try IVO too.
              • cowpieTX | Send Message 10 Apr 2011

                I say for the next 6 months we bounce off the highs and lows established in Q1. Volatility will be back but still range bound. VXX and IVO
                  • cowpieTX | Send Message 23 Mar 2011

                    VXX's loss is XIV and IVO's gain.
                      • cowpieTX | Send Message 15 Mar 2011

                        if u don't already own VXX, don't bother. put XIV or IVO on your watch list and accumulate as the market bottoms. very tradeable day ahead.
                          • cowpieTX | Send Message 11 Feb 2011

                            Anyone else get rear handed to them on VXX like me? Look at the 10 day intraday of VXX and IVO. Giving it serious consideration myself.
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