Jaguar Mining Inc.

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JAGGF is defunct.
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  • bojan.vasiljev | Send Message 12 Mar 2014

    me too, not sure what is going on $JAGGF
      • moneybug | Send Message 18 Feb 2014

        I thought $JAGGF was bankrupt? Any info?
          • Th'EN'Cyder | Send Message 10 Nov 2013

            $JAGGF ~ 34% reduction in all-in cost improving from $1,912 per ounce sold in Q3 2012 to $1,264 per ounce sold in Q3 2013.
              • Jason Burack | Send Message 26 Mar 2013

                Listening to $JAGGF CC now. Turnaround still has a long way to go, but definite progress is being made. Hopefully, positive trend continues.
                  • jenduthie | Send Message 8 Jan 2013

                    $JAGGF Does anyone know what is going on with "$JAG"? Their website isn't working....
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                    • Jorn184 | Send Message 9 Jan 2013
                      : Now it is!
                    • jenduthie | Send Message 10 Jan 2013
                      : thank you.
                      • optionsgirl | Send Message 27 Sep 2012

                        JAGGF has 2 more new board members. Maybe there is hope yet?
                          • The_American | Send Message 10 Sep 2012

                            NUGT still cheap with SLV GLD PHYS PSLV SIL GDX GDXJ with REMX as China making serious infrastructure X PAAS JAGGF TC HL MCPIQ AVL QRM SSRI GPL
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                            • jdub2788 | Send Message 10 Sep 2012
                              : ^I've gotta agree^
                            • The_American | Send Message 28 Sep 2012
                              : Who said I did not have PHYS I have American buffalo and the Eagle. They should make Buffalo in fractions The U.S. Mint should have more
                              • optionsgirl | Send Message 4 Sep 2012

                                JAGGF closed up 16%+. What's the news?
                                Reply (1)
                                • realornot | Send Message 4 Sep 2012
                                  : You have beautiful eye! I think this stock got totally excited because of you! :)
                                  • The_American | Send Message 20 Aug 2012

                                    PHYS GLD PSLV UGLD USLV AGQ looks accumulation as china has PMs Exchange SGOL HL JAGGF USV FSG as China sets stage YINN and YANG FXI CNY UDN
                                      • The_American | Send Message 8 Aug 2012

                                        KCG TC is gifts just as JAGGF was and still is with the DIA SPY QQQ rally GDXJ GLDX CSCO GLD SLV GE OPTT earnings on SIRI BAC SDS JPM GDX NUGT
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