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JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (JAKK)

  • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 23h

    $BABA Well I called that one right. So thats 100% accuracy where Ive been bearish. When does $JAKK report?
      • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 28 Jan

        $JAKK since I got $MAT wrong, maybe I should buy a couple of Jakk's calls just in case lol. Sigh...
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        • WolfnOne | Send Message 28 Jan
          : $JAKK has a home run with their piece of the Frozen franchise and did just pick up a license for the Halo products,... I'm just saying
        • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 28 Jan
          : $NTDOY apparently just not being awesome enough today for the analysts either. Jesus, what does it take to make them happy?
          • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 20 Jan

            $MAT $JAKK "Frozen did not occupy any of the 11 super-categories that NPD tracks". Betting that one of those categories is where Barbie is.
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            • brkhtw | Send Message 24 Jan
              : actually that store closed years ago ;)
            • pokalolo | Send Message 24 Jan
              : yes, but, reopened late last year.. Chinese billionaire took over
              • Family Investor | Send Message 18 Jan

                Portfolio Updates – JAKKS Pacific $JAKK
                  • Patiolantern | Send Message 12 Jan

                    $JAKK Whats up JAKK ? Green on red day ? Hmmm..
                      • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 9 Jan

                        $HAS, $MAT, $JAKK Know why I'm not worried?
                          • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 8 Jan

                            $JAKK Do you wanna lose some cash, man?
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                            • Daniel5150 | Send Message 9 Jan
                              : Already losing cash on $JAKK.Just trying to break even. Has to be the most manipulated stock I have ever owned
                              • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 3 Jan

                                $JAKK I don't go short very often. The last time was on 12/20/2013 for $AMZN.
                                  • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 3 Jan

                                    $JAKK Possibly looking at a 4Q loss of $27 Million.
                                      • Matthew Waterman | Send Message 3 Jan

                                        $JAKK Had no idea how dramatic this analysis would end up.
                                          JAKK vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          Jakks Pacific, Inc., is a toy company that designs, produces, markets and distributes toys and related products, pet toys, consumables and related products, electronics and related products.
                                          Industry: Toys & Games
                                          Country: United States