Sun Microsystems Inc.
JAVA is defunct.
  • Robert S. | Send Message 12 Mar 2012

    How much more gas does JAVA have?Thoughts
      • anonymous-JohnD | Send Message 24 Aug 2011

        Will Larry Elison strike at AAPL I-pads with JAVA based lawsuits? Will Windows 8 provide tablets that run popular software?
          • jabailo | Send Message 24 Jun 2010

            That ORCL purchase of JAVA is looking more like a steal....
              • ksritoy | Send Message 2 Mar 2010

                Advice to JAVA - the only reason for java's longevity is companies have already invested in it so heavily. my advice: stop changing.
                  • PelicanBill | Send Message 18 Oct 2009

                    Holding ORCL (now has SUN and JAVA); Ready to buy IBM - current up trend discount 15%.
                      • Michael Eisenberg | Send Message 20 Apr 2009

                        How much do you think (ORCL) would have paid for Sun (JAVA) had Sun not bought MySql?? @gigaom
                          • webcarbon | Send Message 6 Apr 2009

                            I am bearish on Sun Micro (JAVA) and bullish on IBM (IBM) Disclosure: No positions