DB Japanese Govt Bond Futures ETNNYSEARCA
JGBL is defunct since September 19, 2016. This ETN was closed due to lack of funds
  • Lipper Alpha Insight | Send Message 26 Aug
      • David Stockman | Send Message 24 Jul

        Chart Of The Day: Abenomics At Work - The Unsustainability Of It $JGBS, $JGBD, $JGBL http://seekingalpha.com/a/2djfa
          • The Heisenberg | Send Message 30 Jun

            What Government Bond Bubble? $JGBS, $JGBD, $JGBL http://seekingalpha.com/p/2wxi8
              • Tariq Dennison | Send Message 31 Mar 2015

                YTD, 10yr JGB yields have doubled (from 0.2% to 0.4%), surpassed Bund yields $JGBL $BUNL http://bit.ly/1BH1j6l
                  • Donald van Deventer | Send Message 8 Dec 2014

                    Japan 1 Year Sovereign Default Probability Stable At 0.58% $JRFIF, $JGBL, $JGBT http://seekingalpha.com/p/23r1h
                      • Donald van Deventer | Send Message 19 Jun 2014

                        New Research By Robert Jarrow Integrates Yield Curve Smoothing And Interest Rate Modeling $TLT, $BUND, $JGBL http://seekingalpha.com/p/1seih
                          • Chines33 | Send Message 23 May 2013

                            I'm kicking around the idea of short $JGBL vs long $DXJ
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                            • muldoon1959 | Send Message 23 May 2013
                              : Just remember that one half of that plan is called "The Widowmaker" for a reason.
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