KaloBios Pharmaceuticals(KBIO)- NASDAQ
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    What In The World Is Going On With KaloBios Pharmaceuticals? $KBIOQ, $KBIO http://seekingalpha.com/a/2cwjo
      • Chris Lau | Send Message 26 Jan

        Markets unfair to $KERX <sniff>. Taking the contrarian call here. It's no $KBIO $AVXL $GALE, just poor sales exe... http://tdid.io/1ZPYbSl
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            KaloBios Pharmaceuticals Trading Resumes; Shares Collapse 80% http://bit.ly/1Q7YI12 $KBIO $KBIOQQ $RTRX
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                $KBIO $KBIOQ short with $28.46 average, will slowly look to scalp out over next few days and lock BIG profits! Calculate that profit!
                  • wilkinson99 | Send Message 13 Jan

                    $KBIO New ticker is KBIOQ. KaloBios Pharma Withdraws Nasdaq Listing Appeal. Suspended from Nasdaq today, will trade in over-the-counter mkts
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                        Nasdaq to Suspend KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. on January 13, 2016 http://bit.ly/1mSJMbm $KBIO soon to be $KBIOQQ
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                            KaloBios Pharmaceuticals Appoints A New Chairman http://bit.ly/1SKiCzU $KBIO
                              • ValueWalk | Send Message 8 Jan

                                Shkreli Investment Account Frozen, Current Value Unknown http://bit.ly/1OVcKhn $KBIO $RTRX
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                                  : 70% 0f 0 is still 0!
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                                    Lessons Learned From The KaloBios Fiasco $KBIO http://seekingalpha.com/a/296tu
                                      • ValueWalk | Send Message 31 Dec 2015

                                        Here come the lawsuits... Pomerantz Announces the Filing of a Class Action Against KaloBios & Officers http://bit.ly/1msL9xr $KBIO