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11/24/2014, 2:53 AM ET
  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 19 Dec 2012

    "Getco to buy Knight Capital ($KCG) in $1.4 billion deal." And KCG's market cap is still only $600 million???
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    • phemale60 | Send Message 19 Dec 2012
      : Thanks for the help. Now I know what "arbitrage" means when I hear it. I work with lawyers all day - not in finance. Good to know!
    • phemale60 | Send Message 19 Dec 2012
      : I may as well hold it. Still a good company, for what it does, right?
      KCG vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      KCG Holdings Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Knight Capital Group, Inc., formed in December 2012. The Company is a financial service provider with three operating segments, Market Making, Global Execution services and corporate & other.