• wretchedturkey | Send Message 27 Jan 2015

    $KEEKF $KEEKD I hope I was able to help some people with the stocktalk 12/13/14.
      • wretchedturkey | Send Message 13 Dec 2014

        $KEEKF I'm seeing a reverse split in the coming days...
          • ndheadhunter | Send Message 10 Nov 2014

            $FB should buy $KEEKF and not worry about instagram and others anymore. Far better platform and company on the rise.
              • ndheadhunter | Send Message 30 Oct 2014

                $KEEKF teams up with branches of $GOOG and $TWTR! Making big steps in the direction of becoming a player!
                  • ndheadhunter | Send Message 24 Oct 2014

                    A lot ok $KEEKF shares traded today anyone know whats going on?
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                    • wretchedturkey | Send Message 18 Dec 2014
                      : Massive amount of re-financing & possible dilution. Includes warrants and debt issuance that may convert to equity.
                      • ndheadhunter | Send Message 15 Sep 2014

                        Just going to keep increasing my position on $KEEKF. Love what I am seeing. Just need the market to love it too. Ha.
                          • Joe2922 | Send Message 21 Aug 2014

                            $KEEKF Updates, see links at top:
                              • Joe2922 | Send Message 21 Aug 2014

                                $KEEKF Danny Deadlock Update, Fair Value $.95
                                  • ndheadhunter | Send Message 15 Jul 2014

                                    Whats with $KEEKF bouncing from .13 to .15 so much? I might try to play the swings thats over 12%. Not enough shares moving though.
                                      • Edward Vranic, CFA | Send Message 24 Jun 2014

                                        Keek: Heavy Buying From Pinetree Capital $KEEKF, $POETF
                                          Company Description
                                          Keek is a leading mobile video social network with more than 71 million members worldwide. Keek is easy to use, fast and personal. With Keek, members around the world create and interact with videos up to 36 seconds in length and 111 characters of accompanying text, in either public or private... More
                                          Industry: Electric Utilities
                                          Country: Canada