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  • bigazul | Send Message 24 Aug

    $BIP, $KKR, $ETG, $PG, $CSCO, $SCHV, $VZ in income account
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    • bigazul | Send Message 24 Aug
      : $FB, $VFC, $COP in IRA
      • bigazul | Send Message 24 Aug

        Look at $KKR and $BX
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        • bigazul | Send Message 24 Aug
          : a total beat-down
        • Nut501 | Send Message 24 Aug
          : Blood every where!!! Thanks!
          • joeliebig | Send Message 20 Aug

            $KKR overreaction?
              • Amigobulls | Send Message 18 Aug

                $AAPL $BBRY $KMI $KKR $GOOG $GOOGL $AMZN $TSLA $XOM $WMT $HD $OMER Top market news this morning.
                  • Amigobulls | Send Message 18 Aug

                    Who's next after Samson Energy's bankruptcy $LGCY $LINE $BBEP ? more on $KMI $XOM $KKR
                      • Nut501 | Send Message 17 Aug

                        $KKR buy or sell?
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                        • dalatinIJR | Send Message 17 Aug
                          : I'm not long..Not for over a year ,but, saw that buy as dangerous an viola..IMO I don't want to own during that filing
                        • Nut501 | Send Message 17 Aug
                          : Thanks! Will get out! Sell $KKR!
                          • dalatinIJR | Send Message 15 Aug

                            $KKR gets a 6% hit.As smart as they are their nat gas buyout crashed
                              • Dana Blankenhorn | Send Message 5 Aug

                                KKR May Be Holding Explosive Upside In First Data IPO $KKR, $FDATA
                                  • hotmix | Send Message 4 Aug

                                    Watch $KKR They are getting higher rental agreements
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                                    • Estella Jenkins | Send Message 4 Aug
                                      : Are you pumping it? I keep finding too many negative/bankrupt investments for this company as of recent to mention here
                                    • Tom Landry | Send Message 4 Aug
                                      : Estella, you might want to review your definition of pumping. With market cap of 28 billion dollars, this is not possible here to pump that.
                                      • Katie Dempster | Send Message 21 Jul

                                        KKR Investments Indicate Future Market Trends $KKR
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