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Eastman Kodak Co. (KODK)

  • Tue, Aug. 4, 4:04 PM
    • Eastman Kodak (NYSE:KODK): Q2 Net loss of $23M.
    • Revenue of $458M (-13.3% Y/Y)
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  • Mon, Jul. 20, 3:05 PM
    • Kodak (NYSE:KODK) has fallen to the lowest levels seen since the company emerged from bankruptcy. 710K shares have been traded thus far, far above a 3-month daily average of 130K.
    • The commercial imaging/printing product maker is now down 34% YTD. Over the weekend, the AP ran a column noting Kodak has rented unused space on its 2-square mile Rochester, NY campus to 58 companies (including many startups), courting them with " the promise of plentiful utilities, its own railroad and unique access to Kodak's specialty technical and industrial capabilities."
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  • Fri, May 8, 3:45 PM
    • Healthcare IT giant Cerner (CERN -4.6%) is selling off after missing Q1 revenue estimates (while posting in-line EPS). Q2 and full-year revenue guidance of $1.175B-$1.225B and $4.65B-$4.8B is respectively below consensus estimates of $1.24B and $4.91B; EPS guidance of $0.51-$0.52 and $2.07-$2.15 is in-line with estimates of $0.52 and $2.12.
    • Commercial printing/film product maker Kodak (KODK -5%) is lower after reporting a 12.5% Y/Y revenue drop; a 12% decline in Print Systems Division sales (59% of revenue) weighed on results, as did a 19% drop in Enterprise Inkjet Systems Division revenue. Full-year revenue guidance of $1.8B-$2B and operational EBITDA guidance of $100M-$200M has been reiterated.
    • Gaming headset maker Turtle Beach (HEAR -6.6%) has sold off after posting mixed Q1 results. Q2 guidance is for revenue of $23M-$25M (compares with a $24.5M consensus) and a net loss of $7.5M-$9.5M (compares with a $10.6M Q1 loss); full-year headset revenue guidance is reiterated.
    • Car-buying site TrueCar (TRUE -6.1%) is down after posting in-line Q1 results and reporting a 34% Y/Y increase in sold units to $168.6K. Q2 guidance is for revenue of $67M-$69M ($68.6M consensus) and 205K-210K units; full-year guidance is for revenue of $280M-$290M ($284.3M consensus) and 825K units.
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  • Thu, May 7, 4:02 PM
    • Eastman Kodak (NYSE:KODK): Q1 Net loss of $58M
    • Revenue of $427M (-12.5% Y/Y)
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  • Mon, Apr. 27, 4:30 PM
    • UniPixel (NASDAQ:UNXL) has "exercised its right to terminate" its InTouch touch sensor manufacturing and supply agreement with Kodak (NYSE:KODK). UniPixel says it "concluded that the risks required to achieve a viable business model in a reasonable time frame were too great, particularly under an agreement that shared any profits generated." No termination penalties are expected. (8-K filing)
    • The decision follows UniPixel's purchase of Atmel's XSense touch sensor assets. Kodak has issued a statement declaring it's "committed to moving forward independently with development of copper mesh touch sensor technology," and that it "continues to believe that copper mesh technology for large-size touch screens, together with the silver-halide based touch sensors for phones and tablets that Kodak has been developing separately, will give the company a broad offering in the rapidly growing touch screen market."
    • UniPixel has fallen to $5.15 AH.
    • Update (8:40PM ET): UniPixel closed AH trading down 41.9% to $3.39.
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  • Fri, Apr. 10, 3:05 PM
    • Today's notable tech gainers include IP licensing firm VirnetX (VHC +6%), custom parts maker Proto Labs (PRLB +4.6%), printing plate/commercial film maker Eastman Kodak (KODK +3.9%), cloud HR software vendor Paylocity (PCTY +3.7%), cloud telecom expense software vendor Tangoe (TNGO +4.2%), and cloud tech support software vendor (SPRT +6.7%). The Nasdaq is up 0.4%.
    • Only a few tech companies are posting major declines. The group includes Chinese online video platform Youku (YOKU -5.7%) and mainframe/high-end server maker Unisys (UIS -3.4%).
    • Following a rough 2014, VirnetX is up 34% in 2015; 15.9M shares were shorted as of March 13. Proto Labs has broken out of the narrow range shares have traded in since mid-February.'s gains come a day after the company disclosed a new contract with Comcast. Paylocity is erasing the losses seen yesterday following a BofA downgrade. Kodak is up 13% since posting Q4 results on March 16.
    • Youku, quite volatile lately, is giving back a chunk of Wednesday's big gains. Unisys' decline comes ahead of its April 23 Q1 report. On Wednesday, the company announced it's supplying high-end servers and cybersecurity software to NASA through the agency's SEWP V contract (covers multiple suppliers, worth up to $20B over 10 years).
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  • Mon, Mar. 16, 7:05 PM
    • Eastman Kodak (NYSE:KODK): Q4 net income of -$41M
    • Revenue of $529M (-13.1% Y/Y)
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  • Thu, Feb. 26, 6:07 PM
    • UniPixel (NASDAQ:UNXL) states in its Q4 report the company and Kodak (NYSE:KODK) have "achieved integration yields in the high 80 percentile" with a previously-disclosed for an InTouch Sensor solution meant for a tablet OEM partner. "Our tablet customer understands the touchless plating line modifications we’re undertaking and remains patient with the process. We are currently working with the customer in planning follow-on integration trials."
    • UniPixel also states a previously-disclosed all-in-one PC OEM partner "recently approved UniPixel’s all-in-one product design, and UniPixel is now working with two module integrators approved by the customer." Using Kodak's manufacturing facility, UniPixel plans "initial commercial shipments" to the OEM in Q2.
    • Also planned for Q2: Commercial production of UniPixel's Diamond Guard hard-coat resin, and the modifying of an operational InTouch Sensor plating line to make its web handling touchless.
    • UniPixel had no revenue in Q4, or in any other quarter within 2014. Q4 SG&A expenses fell 6% Y/Y to $2.88M, and R&D expenses fell 14% to $2.65M. The company's cash balance fell by $2.9M Q/Q to $23.7M.
    • Shares have risen to $5.45 AH.
    • UniPixel's Q4 results, PR
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  • Tue, Feb. 3, 1:51 PM
    • Kodak (KODK +4.3%) states German printing services firms Europrint Medien and Druckteam Berlin have adopted its Sonora XP process-free printing plates.
    • Kodak asserts Sonora XP removes "all chemistry, water, equipment, energy, and waste related to the [print] processing or clean out step," and also delivers better operational efficiencies (by boosting process control) than processed plates.
    • Shares remain just ~$2 above a 52-week low of $17.40.
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  • Dec. 19, 2014, 1:01 PM
    • Though post-bankruptcy Kodak (KODK +0.1%) doesn't directly make consumer electronics gear, it has licensed its brand to a slew of third-party consumer hardware OEMs The company plans to show off some of this hardware at CES (runs from Jan. 6-9)
    • Among the showcased products: Standard digital cameras, camcorders, action cameras, baby monitoring systems, batteries, mobile device chargers, binoculars, and camera accessories. Kodak will also show off "paper imaging specialty items" and a photo-printing apps.
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  • Nov. 7, 2014, 1:45 PM
    • Though UniPixel (NASDAQ:UNXL) is still dealing with "a limited number of challenges" related to starting mass-production for its InTouch sensors, the company expects "low volume sampling to our development customers in [Q4] and ramping to commercial production in 2015."
    • Citing the progress seen for an InTouch roll-to-roll pilot plating line at partner Kodak's (KODK +0.3%) NY facility, UniPixel is "in the process of moving plating lines from the Texas facility to the Kodak facility where they will be eventually commissioned for production."
    • The company also states it's working with Kodak on "an initial [InTouch] development project for the tablet market while working closely with a certain tablet manufacturer," and claims it's "engaged with an all-in-one PC OEM customer and their touch module integrators" regarding development efforts for an InTouch product aimed at the all-in-one PC market.
    • UniPixel's cash balance fell by $3.6M Q/Q in Q3 to $26.8M. SG&A spend rose 18% Y/Y to $2.9M; R&D spend fell 5% to $2.7M.
    • UniPixel and Kodak will host an analyst day on Dec. 4.
    • Q3 results, PR
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  • Nov. 5, 2014, 10:49 AM
    • Kodak (NYSE:KODK) managed to deliver (slightly) positive Y/Y revenue growth in Q3, as a 13% increase in Graphics, Entertainment, & Commercial Films (GECF)  revenue to $400M offset a 17% drop in Digital Printing & Enterprise (DP&E) revenue to $164M.
    • GECF revenue was boosted by $51M in non-recurring IP licensing revenue, as well as rising digital plate sales. Motion picture film sales saw a "significant decline."
    • DP&E revenue fell due to the ongoing decline in Kodak's consumer inkjet printing ops. On the other hand, sales of FLEXCEL NX plates (used for package printing) rose 34%.
    • Gross margin rose to 28% from 19% a year ago. SG&A spend fell 28% Y/Y to $67M, and R&D spend 17% to $20M. Nonetheless, CEO Jeff Clarke suggests Kodak needs to make further cost-cutting efforts.
    • The company "expects to meet projections for 2014 of revenue between $2.1 and $2.3 billion and Operational EBITDA between $145 and $165 million."
    • Q3 results, PR
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  • Nov. 4, 2014, 5:00 PM
    • Eastman Kodak (NYSE:KODK): Q3 Net profit of $19M.
    • Revenue of $564M (+0.2% Y/Y).
    • Press Release
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  • Aug. 7, 2014, 5:58 PM
    • UniPixel (NASDAQ:UNXL) says it's "working closely" with Kodak (NYSE:KODK) to transfer the pilot plating technology for its InTouch sensors from its Texas facility to the companies' NY production facility.
    • The pilot line is said to be producing "appreciable quantities of sensors on a weekly basis to support yield ramp activities and sampling for our development customers." UniPixel adds it's making "measured progress" in improving yields.
    • UniPixel and Kodak have provided InTouch samples to an unnamed tablet maker, and have "engaged an all-in-one PC OEM customer and their touch module integrators."
    • Q2 GAAP opex rose 29% Y/Y to $6.07M. R&D spend totaled $2.99M, and SG&A $3.08M. UniPixel ended Q2 with $30.4M in cash, down from $34.4M at the end of Q1.
    • Q2 results, PR
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  • Aug. 5, 2014, 5:00 PM
    • Eastman Kodak (NYSE:KODK): Q2 Net loss of $62M.
    • Revenue of $525M (-9.9% Y/Y).
    • Press Release
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  • Jun. 25, 2014, 5:54 PM
    • Citing a "technical breakthrough in roll-to-roll plating process," UniPixel (UNXL) says it has achieved roll-to-roll pilot production for its InTouch sensor film.
    • The company claims it now has "a fully-functional, roll-to-roll pilot production line comprised of a plating line at the company's Texas facility, and printing, final testing and packaging at the Kodak (KODK) facility" in Rochester, NY.
    • UniPixel will now focus on improving manufacturing yields. Its announcement coincides with an operational update CC (webcast).
    • With 40% of the float shorted as of June 13, a short squeeze is quite possible tomorrow.
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Eastman Kodak Co is a technology company providing imaging for business. It provides commercial products and services in technologies including materials science; digital imaging science and software; and deposition processes.