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  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 7 Oct 2011

    If Kodak (KODK) "has raised nearly $2 billion in licensing fees since 2008," why is it trading at for $300 million?
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    • golfitobob | Send Message 7 Oct 2011
      : MB, you linked the standard top sheet. Where are the countless rental agreements they have or any of the tons of obligations they have 14bil
    • golfitobob | Send Message 7 Oct 2011
      : MCS an 2 patent buyers said flat out that they would rather bid in bankrupsy to get the digital patents.When they said that KODK was4 now doom
      KODK vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Eastman Kodak Co is a technology company that offers transforming large printing markets with digital offset, digital print and hybrid solutions; and developing new solutions for high-growth markets.