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Linn Energy, LLC (LINE)

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    are we starting a celebrity death watch for $LINE / $LNCO yet?
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      : Yeesh. I learned a lesson on that one. Thankfully, it wasn't too expensive of a lesson, but certainly expensive enough.
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      : same boat here
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        Linn Energy: Making Sense Of The Debt Exchange $LINE, $LNCO
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            Linn Energy - How The Debt Deal And Q3 Results Impacted My Stance And Financial Model $LINE
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                Linn Energy: Debt Exchange Is A Positive Move, But Does Not Meaningfully Change Its Prospects $LINE
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                    Linn Energy - The Debt Exchange Is A Genius Move $LINE
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                            Some Thoughts On Linn Energy's Debt Agreement And Third Quarter $LINE
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                                Linn Energy - Are Insider Sales A Red Flag? $LINE
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                                    Linn Energy's Brilliant $1 Billion Vanishing Act $LINE
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                                        Shared National Credits Review Notes High Credit Risk and Weaknesses Related to Leveraged Lending and Oil&Gas. $HK $LINE $GDP $SFY $SD $EOX
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                                          : Bringing in the fish? Saudi Arabia is unlikely to consider cutting until June 2016 at the earliest, when Iran's ability to return to.. $DWTI
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                                          : ..the market and the effect on prices becomes clear. WSJ
                                          Company Description
                                          Linn Energy LLC is an independent oil and natural gas company. The Company's properties are located in United States in Rockies, Hugoton Basin, California, East Texas and north Louisiana, Mid-Continent, Permian Basin, Michigan/Illinois and South Texas.