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    In light of $LLTC $ADI marriage interesting to note that when $MXIM $TXN rumored last Nov $MXIM at $41 & TXN at $57 - TXN now 25% higher hmm
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      : MXIM will be a seller, they just want something starting with a 5...didn't expect LLTC to be a seller. Finite universe of analog/mixed-sig assets to buy.
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      : I agree Dane. I like NXPI, but Infineon is just as well positioned. You are right, plenty of potential consolidation candidates up and down the market cap spectrum. Fragmentation among firms like NXPI who through the FSL merger, were able to move to a top spot regarding auto, which IMHO, is going to be the place for the most high margin profits to make, but yet only about 16% of this market is held by NXP, and there are 3 other firms that own between 10-14% as well. That means half the $600 of chips in your average car are produced by firms outside the top 5 players. If consolidation happens, I believe TXN may be better off trying to get NXP, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised if MXIM gets bought out, after another year of underperformance, and TXN makes sense. Thank you for the reply and sharing your thoughts! BOL!
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        If you'd like to know how we continue to outperform, including $LLTC, $ADI today, see
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            $LLTC getting bought by $ADI ? Semi industry consolidation continues $MXIM (worth $50) $TXN $MU (poison pill at $20) and $IMOS way too cheap
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              : And when $ADI buys $LLTC $MXIM gets bought for $50+ by $TXN other way.
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                    $LLTC Closed out position at 46.85 + 1.35 gain; for those holding look for Bull Flagging and subsequent B/O
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                        Trade Idea Update: $LLTC enjoying Blue Skies, raising Stop to 46.38 to protect gains.
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                            Focus List to start the week: New Trade Ideas $LLTC $KRE $ALDR $FBHS $REG; In Play $NSM $TCK $SKX; also, $RPM $CMA $EOG $PZZA $SIGI $SGG
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                                5 Tech Stocks With A History Of Growing Their Dividends $TXN, $LLTC, $MSFT
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                           Earning watchlist with high short: $VMW, $HOG, $EAT, $MTG, $OMC, $KSU, $NAVI, $YHOO, $HLX, $LLTC
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                                        $LLTC - 88% technical buy signals - 9 new highs and up 2.74% in the last month - Relative Strength Index 57.69%
                                          Company Description
                                          Linear Technology Corp. engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of analog integrated circuits. It produces power management, data conversion, signal conditioning, RF and interface ICs, µModule subsystems, and wireless sensor network products. Linear Technology was founded by Robert C.... More
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Industry: Semiconductor - Specialized
                                          Country: United States