Local Corporation (LOCM) - NASDAQ
  • mister-ugly | Send Message 29 Jun 2015

    $LOCM.$YHOO: June 19, YHOO ended agreement Search LOCM 40% Revenue forcing bankruptcy! Bid War may erupt GOOG,YHOO,MSFT Mobile Patents?
      • mister-ugly | Send Message 29 Jun 2015

        $LOCM, $GOOG,$MSFT,$YHOO.$FB: What is causing a recent Bankrupt Co up 100% today? Mobile Search Patents. LOCM Patents worth more then Co.
          • mrdc | Send Message 8 Nov 2014

            no one wants to give me some advice? i own some shares i bought back at 4.50 i own more i bought at 1.99 help any insights ? $LOCM
              • mrdc | Send Message 5 Nov 2014

                will $LOCM ever be 2 dollars again??
                  • mrdc | Send Message 30 Oct 2014

                    will $LOCM ever be 3 or 4 dollars a share again?
                      • The Focused Stock Trader | Send Message 18 Mar 2014

                        It is a pleasure see the shorts run for cover $GTAT18.15 $UNIS 5.25 Finally $GTATQ is reflecting their good news. Next $LOCM see our report.
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                        • skippy the kangaroo.. | Send Message 30 Mar 2014
                          : yep looks like a sick puppy
                        • ikarus | Send Message 30 Mar 2014
                          : Think it will be sub-$2.00 by end of June, this is just getting started. Paid touts, ongoing lawsuits, loan-to-own debt, this is amazing
                          • The Focused Stock Trader | Send Message 16 Mar 2014

                            Local Corporation - Search Is Local $LOCM http://seekingalpha.com/a/18thx
                              • PinkSheet Panther | Send Message 27 Mar 2013

                                $LOCM undervalued? Main site is ranked 1,600 on Alexa, which is pretty damn high.
                                  • PinkSheet Panther | Send Message 26 Mar 2013

                                    Any recommendations for cheap social media stocks similar to $LOCM $CRWG etc?
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                                    • PinkSheet Panther | Send Message 7 May 2013
                                      : Been slowly building my position in $LOCM and $GLUU, but those are long term trades for me. They are not going anywhere right now.
                                    • techwonk | Send Message 7 May 2013
                                      : PsP, just between us I think the real returns are going to be in SaaS, but I'm not ready to build that list yet.
                                    • techwonk | Send Message 21 Jan 2014
                                      : $TCX doubled since March -- missed out on that one. How's your portfolio coming along?
                                      • rooke002 | Send Message 8 Mar 2013

                                        Dont remember... http://bit.ly/YI9zCh $LOCM long
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                                        • rooke002 | Send Message 10 Mar 2013
                                          : This was made up entirely and was not TRUE at the time of print. The rumors swirled as MSFT, GOOG, YHOO wanted to bid... But didn't
                                          Company Description
                                          Local Corp is a technology and advertising company that provides its search results to consumers who are searching online for local businesses, products and services. It provides its search results through Local.com website and Krillion.com website.
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Industry: Internet Information Providers
                                          Country: United States