Lake Sunapee Bank Group

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  • Investment Standard | Send Message 31 Oct 2014

    New Hampshire Thrift: Large Movement Is Not Possible $LSBG
      • Joe McSweeney | Send Message 30 May 2013

        $LSBG sleepy northern New England bank yielding ~4%. Very likely to be injured by rising bond yields short-term, wait for better levels.
          • Dividend Sheet | Send Message 21 Jan 2013

            $SUNS $LSBG and $RY are the best yielding stocks going ex-dividend tomorrow + + I like $CL and $CVS from the list
              • farmed out my savings | Send Message 15 Apr 2011

                Today quarterly earnings are out for LSBG and the earnings are up 17%.
                  • farmed out my savings | Send Message 13 Apr 2011

                    3.9% dividend and earnings have been growing lately in a state with low unemployment. Thinly traded but LSBG's stock represents good value.
                      • farmed out my savings | Send Message 28 Jan 2011

                        LSBG is a bank. Had good earnings growth today. It yields 4% in a state (NH) with very low unemployment. Could this be a takeover candidate?
                          Company Description
                          Lake Sunapee Bank Group is a savings bank. It provides housing finance, commercial loand and financial services. It also provides brokerage services.
                          Sector: Financial
                          Industry: Savings & Loans
                          Country: United States