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  • rschadel | Send Message 13 Dec 2015

    Convertible Debt And Accounting Voodoo $LTNC
      • rschadel | Send Message 13 Dec 2015

        $LTNC Convertible Debt and Accounting Voodoo via
          • rschadel | Send Message 8 Dec 2015

            If you missed todays $LTNC conference call
              • rschadel | Send Message 2 Dec 2015
                  • mikeonmicrocaps | Send Message 19 Aug 2014

                    $LTNC When Mr. Schadel obtains conventional bank debt, LTNC will take off. LTNC is a steal @ 18 cents
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                    • The_Riddler | Send Message 5 Dec 2014
                      : If they can get out of this convertible debt with bank debt, I can see a reversal to $LTNC
                    • nase8 | Send Message 5 Dec 2014
                      : They got solid Revenue, looks like it will be increasing this year again too
                      • Drummerboy001 | Send Message 8 Jul 2014

                        any thoughts on $MNGA, $LTNC
                          • StepUp | Send Message 26 Feb 2014

                            Started small speculative position in $LTNC
                              • mikeonmicrocaps | Send Message 8 Feb 2014

                                $LTNC Definitely worth a look at .22 a share and with explosive top line growth.
                                  • QualityStocks | Send Message 14 Jan 2014

                                    Labor SMART, Inc. (LTNC) Debuts First Three New Offices Of 2014 $LTNC
                                      • JRamsbunctious77 | Send Message 18 Oct 2013

                                        $LTNC.OB as they continue to grow and increase contracted accounts people will be sad they did not get positions here. @.25
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                                        • nase8 | Send Message 4 Dec 2014
                                          : I bet your feeling very sad at your position at a quarter.
                                          Company Description
                                          Labor Smart, Inc is an emerging provider of on-demand temporary labor solutions to small and medium sized businesses, with branch locations in the Southeast US.