Southwest Airlines Co.

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  • The Dividend Bro | Send Message 8 Feb

    The 3 most undervalued stocks I follow $GILD $ABBV $LUV
      • Hope128 | Send Message 5 Feb

        Bought $LUV stock and sold $AAL puts too.
          • The Unhooded Falcon | Send Message 29 Jan

            Is Zika the next Ebola for airlines? $AAL $DAL $JETS $LUV $JBLU $UAL
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            • Investor RockieK | Send Message 29 Jan
              : If the media high priests get their way...yes. So who's the supply chain providers to S C Johnson??
              • Hope128 | Send Message 28 Jan

                $LUV $AAL dropped with oil for weeks, continued to drop when oil rebounds, no bottom in sight while they are buying puts on $JBLU
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                • mtt5010 | Send Message 29 Jan
                  : I figured the airlines would greatly benefit from lower oil prices. I must be wrong.
                • Hope128 | Send Message 29 Jan
                  : Sucks when $CVX drops less than $AAL after a terrible report.
                  • oiltowncityslicker | Send Message 26 Jan

                    Any faith in Airline ER's? $JBLU $LUV $AAL
                      • Alexander Valtsev | Send Message 26 Jan

                        Southwest will see earnings improve up to $0.50 per gallon as hedges roll off: $LUV $AAL
                          • Stone Fox Capital | Send Message 26 Jan

                            Southwest Airlines: What Does It Take For Some Sector Love? $LUV
                              • Societe Financiers | Send Message 25 Jan
                                Reply (1)
                                • John Rayhall | Send Message 25 Jan
                                  : I long for the day when airlines trade with reality of $30 traders can't be that blind.
                                  • Amigobulls | Send Message 22 Jan

                                    $LUV Is Southwest a worthehile investment for 2016?
                                      • Colin Macleod | Send Message 21 Jan

                                        Earnings Season Is Underway, Now Trade It $XLNX $FFIV $FEYE $TWTR $ALKS $DB $UNP $UAL $VZ $TRV $LUV
                                          Company Description
                                          Southwest Airlines Co is an operator of passenger airline that provides scheduled air transportation in the United States and international markets.
                                          Sector: Services
                                          Country: United States