Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc.NYSE
LVB is defunct.
  • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 18 Jul 2013

    Another 52-week high for $LVB with new bids expected. $35 down and $40 up with a 75% chance of $40.
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    • bazooooka | Send Message 18 Jul 2013
      : Chris,how do you figure 75%? Does shareholder litigation usually end up in a 10% bump? Seems intuitive but is there a database that tracks?
    • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 18 Jul 2013
      : Shareholder litigation does not typically end up in a bump. I think that it is reasonable to expect other bidders based on the proxy.
      • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 6 Jul 2013

        $LVB at a new 52-week high; $0.70 through current bid with a likelihood of a second bidder.
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        • Special Situations and Arbs | Send Message 8 Jul 2013
          : Thanks......Certainly has been the year of bids being topped....Now if only we could get another opportunity to buy like it was 2009 again
        • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 8 Jul 2013
          : Amen to that. And we will. Meanwhile, rates are still low, so borrow $. Timber is cheap, so buy land. And one offs here and there are ok
          • Dr. Kris | Send Message 21 May 2013

            Steinway's ($LVB) 8% breakout move today must be beautiful music to shareholders' ears. No news why but am thinking possible take-over?
              • ZetaKap | Send Message 31 Aug 2012

                3 Cash Loaded Consumer Stocks Forecasted To Grow $LVB $PLOW $STRI @ZetaKap
                  • J St. Georges | Send Message 6 Jul 2011

                    Imbroglio Capital: All cruelty springs from weakness $IBM, $LVB, $TVIA
                      • Amarendra Bhushan | Send Message 6 May 2010

                        Top Consumer Durables stocks RBC, RGR, STRT, THO, WHR, WMS-OLD, ALV, JCI, LVB, ORLY, AZO, DHI, GPC, HOFT, LEG, LKQ, NPK, F