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  MBIA Inc. (MBI) - NYSE

  • Tom Armistead | Send Message 13 Nov 2012

    Closed out my MBI position today, potential liquidity shortfall and now BAC is offering to buy their bonds at cause trouble...
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    • DeepValueLover | Send Message 14 Nov 2012
      : OK. but I still am having trouble figuring out how MBIA runs out of liquidity all of a sudden. What has changed from a capital standpoint?
    • Tom Armistead | Send Message 14 Nov 2012
      : Financials have disclosed the risk for some time, it was always there. Payments of RMBS claims continue, BAC continues to stall settlement.
      MBI vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      MBIA Inc operates financial guarantee insurance businesses and is a provider of asset management and advisory services. Its business segments include: U.S. public finance insurance; structured finance and international insurance; and advisory services.