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  • DeepValueLover | Send Message 6 Feb 2013

    $MBI vs. $BAC is this FINALLY coming to an end? When it does I expect a 60% one day spike in MBIA.
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    • Ghosts of Kariela | Send Message 9 May 2013
      : Still can go higher, i added today, when they spin off $hitCo aka structred sub. Then the stock will really get going!
    • Ghosts of Kariela | Send Message 9 May 2013
      : Though my opinion of Jay Brown has droped a bit recently.
      MBI vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      MBIA Inc operates financial guarantee insurance businesses and is a provider of asset management and advisory services. Its business segments include: U.S. public finance insurance; structured finance and international insurance; and advisory services.