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Metabolix, Inc. (MBLX)

  • Shark Traders | Send Message 15 Oct

    Metabolix - There Is A Credible Turnaround Story Hidden Inside The Aspire Capital Deal $MBLX
      • Greenfire87 | Send Message 17 Sep

        $MBLX Earnings & more;
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   Trading Ideas for Jun 24th: $WATT, $ACTA, $MBLX, $NVAX, $ICLD, $CPXX, $VNDA, $BOOT, $INVN, $GDOT, FIT, $WATT
              • Greenfire87 | Send Message 16 Jun

                As $BERY looks for acquisitions, $MBLX fits the bill
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                • Greenfire87 | Send Message 25 Jun
                  : No foundation Fred. Just seems like a logical fit. MBLX can't seem to break into the sales ring. Going green would help with BERY's image.
                • fredjerico | Send Message 25 Jun
                  : Agreed - $MBLX has north of 450 Patents majority of which are in the bioplastics arena. One would think that to be logical buy for $BERY
                  • Greenfire87 | Send Message 16 Jun

                    Good news for $MBLX creates opp. for swing trade;
                      • Pat Stout | Send Message 28 May

                        Metabolix Value Did Not Soar $MBLX
                          • Tristan R. Brown | Send Message 28 Apr

                            With Cash Running Low, Metabolix Adopts A Streamlined Focus To Survive $MBLX
                              • fredjerico | Send Message 10 Dec 2014

                                $MBLX ~ any news on this?
                                  • fredjerico | Send Message 1 Oct 2014

                                    This will be good for $MBLX:
                                      • Greenfire87 | Send Message 19 Sep 2014

                                        $MBLX this low volume stock will soon plunge back - Same false run as last Nov.
                                          Company Description
                                          Metabolix Inc is a bioscience company that provides environmentally friendly solutions to the plastics, chemicals & energy industries. It has capabilities in microbial genetics, fermentation process engineering, chemical engineering, etc.