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Contango Oil and Gas Company (MCF)

  • Abraxix | Send Message 3 Aug

    Hah! $MCF up a penny. Could my oil pick actually be right?
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    • Abraxix | Send Message 3 Aug
      : .........aaaaaannnnnndd...............its gone! Another Margaritaville.
      • Abraxix | Send Message 17 Jul

        Nibbled on $MCF
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        • matratra | Send Message 17 Jul
          : no more oil
          • Long Player | Send Message 14 Jul

            Contango Oil And Gas: Moving On After The Death Of The President And CEO $MCF
              • Value Ideas | Send Message 3 Jul

                Contango Oil & Gas: A Fundamentally Weak Stock That Investors Should Avoid $MCF
                  • Owen Worley | Send Message 18 Jun

                    Contango Oil And Gas - The Wyoming Muddy Discovery Could Be Significant $MCF
                      • Harsh Singh Chauhan | Send Message 13 Jun

                        Contango Oil - A Few More Reasons Why A Turnaround Is Possible $MCF
                          • Abraxix | Send Message 10 Jun

                            Out of $MCF stock at a loss, and replaced with the [short] October put contracts. Still a falling knife?
                              • Owen Worley | Send Message 5 Jun

                                Contango Oil & Gas - A Smudgy Diamond In The Rough $MCF
                                  • Abraxix | Send Message 4 Jun

                                    $MCF beaten like a red-headed stepchild. Or maybe that is just a wig?
                                      • Harsh Singh Chauhan | Send Message 29 May

                                        Contango Oil: Multi-Pad Drilling And Better Natural Gas Pricing Will Lead To A Comeback $MCF
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                                          Company Description
                                          Contango Oil & Gas Company is an independent energy company. It is engaged in the exploration, development, production and acquisition of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids reserves in the Gulf of Mexico.