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  • REIT | Send Message 16 Sep 2012

    MCP directors decide to issue stocks for a tenner buy most of it, and gain 40% in a month ....shareholders they watch shr drop from 30 to 10
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    • suryan | Send Message 17 Sep 2012
      : so do u want to whine and cry or join and bet with the house. insider buy and sells are important clues for outsiders
    • REIT | Send Message 17 Sep 2012
      : this is a special case a deal specifically made in favor of insiders.... investors, traders left with promises and dreams.
      MCP vs. ETF Alternatives
      Company Description
      Molycorp, Inc., manufactures custom engineered rare earth and rare metal products. The Company's reportable segments include resources chemicals and oxides magnetic materials and alloys and rare metals.