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Molycorp, Inc. (MCPIQ)

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  • Tom Landry | Send Message 22 Oct

    Ah, haven't seen that there's a fat Q at $MCPIQ. I bought this stinky one at top, and sold at top in 2011. What a hot sector that was.
      • Cloner | Send Message 15 Sep

        $mcpiq Debt restructing, asset sales ?
          • Cloner | Send Message 13 Sep

            $MCPIQ Is there any hope for this equity. Bought in at 11 cents.
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            • rickdplumr1 | Send Message 18 Sep
              : well then Good To Hear as well~i must apologize for my miss-understanding!
            • D-struction | Send Message 18 Sep
              : no worries, I am not THAT guy :)
              • Courage & Conviction Investing | Send Message 24 Jul

                Sharing My Molycorp Short Thesis From February 2011 $MCPIQ
                  • fidelity comment | Send Message 14 Jul

                    $MCPIQ up 32% today. News? Didnt see any.
                      • Shock Exchange | Send Message 1 Jul

                        Molycorp 'Kicks The Can Down The Road', Bankruptcy Judge Balks $MCPIQ
                          • Donald van Deventer | Send Message 29 Jun

                            Kamakura Track Record For Default Prediction Shows Even Good Times Can Be Dangerous $MCPIQ, $BPZ, $BPZRQ
                              • Shock Exchange | Send Message 29 Jun

                                Molycorp: Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Finally Arrives $MCPIQ, $MCPIQ
                                  • Tim Insko | Send Message 25 Jun

                                    $mcp is another great example that in any conflict between storytelling and reality, reality will always win.
                                      • 2ng | Send Message 24 Jun

                                        $MCPIQ is Molycorp bankrupted? I would say so.
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                                        • smokeyRose | Send Message 24 Jun
                                          : This company screwed me and everybody else.....BIG TIME!!!!
                                          Company Description
                                          Molycorp is the only advanced material manufacturer in the world that both controls a world-class rare earth resource and can produce high-purity, custom engineered rare earth products to meet increasingly demanding customer specifications. With 25 locations across 10 countries, the Company... More