Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.(MER)
MER is defunct since December 31, 2009. Bought by BofA
  • ValueWalk | Send Message 14 Dec 2015

    Model Portfolio: Beating The Market In The Long Run $PIC $CWK $DCC $MER $GNC $UDG $SMWH $ATK $GRG
      • LuckyPick | Send Message 24 Feb 2011

        wait for CRA-zy-MER, craZYmer to pump the market, yes he's not cramer but CRAzyMER
          • Dr. Kris | Send Message 15 Oct 2010

            Bank Tank: Under pressure today are bank preferred stock, esp. BAC, ING, MER. D/y's 6-8%.
              • Dr. Kris | Send Message 8 Sep 2010

                Income still hot!: 50% of issues on new high list pay dividends. Preferred issues from C, BAC, & MER (d/y's 6%-7%) leading the pack.
                  • Dr. Kris | Send Message 7 Sep 2010

                    (cont'd) Investors piling into preferred stock (AIG, C, MER) & tobacco (MO, VGR)