Maidenform Brands, Inc.

MFB is defunct.
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  • Saibus Research | Send Message 19 Sep 2012

    There's Nothing Limited About Limited Brands $LB, $ASNA, $EXPR, $MFB
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    • Ocean Man | Send Message 19 Sep 2012
      : Good article. LB is on my list to buy soon. The special divvy is usually around Christmas.
    • Saibus Research | Send Message 21 Sep 2012
      : Ocean Man, thank you we appreciate it. We are waiting for news on the special divvy as well.
      • Jacob Wolinsky | Send Message 16 Jan 2012

        Maidenform Brands, Inc: Inventory Needs to Shape Up ($MFB)
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        • Bob de'Long | Send Message 16 Jan 2012
          : MFB profits are sagging? Strapped for cash?
          • GSRTrades | Send Message 17 May 2010

            Growth Stock breakouts on $AKAM, $AFFY and $MFB holding ground, setting pace for more
              • GSRTrades | Send Message 11 May 2010

                Breakouts from top-growers $HAS and $MFB bode well for others setting up
                  • GSRTrades | Send Message 11 May 2010

                    $HAS and $MFB breaking out of a 52-wk base, $AKAM and $AFFY on deck, others inching closer...
                      • Amarendra Bhushan | Send Message 4 May 2010

                        Top Consumer Non-Durables stocks BGS, COH, HAS, MFB, CRI, DECK, DMND, JAKK, KOF, LANC, NWL, PVH, SENEA, HSH, UNFI, VFC
                          Company Description
                          Currently, there's no company description for MFB.