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    Alterra Power Is Still Underestimated By Mr. Market $MGMXF
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        Marin Katusa: Follow The Good Guys In Mining $MGMXF, $IVPAF, $MDRPF
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            Alterra Power: Q1 2015 Review $MGMXF
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                Interview With Alterra Power Corp. Chairman And Founder Ross Beaty $MGMXF
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                    Alterra Power - An Undervalued Renewable Energy Play $MGMXF
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                        Anyone else getting forwarded to spam/spyware sites when clicking on SA links? -$PHOT, $HIMX, $FITX, $TRTC, $DIS, $INO, $SBOT, $MGMXF
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                        • tserva | Send Message 20 May 2014
                          : uninstall any free software you may have downloaded recently. reset your browser settings. Then download/run malwarebytes.
                        • dmikester1 | Send Message 21 May 2014
                          : agree with last 2 posts, you have something on your computer causing the forwards
                          • mr.investor | Send Message 21 Feb 2014

                            My long term holds - $AMD, $CCGI, $DIS, $FITX, $FULL, $HIMX, $INO, $MGMXF, $MCIG, $ONCS, $ONVO, $PHOT, $RAMPF, $SBOT, $TRTC
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                            • Econ Student | Send Message 23 Feb 2014
                              : It's probably 3 fold at least. If they play the marijuana angle then 10 fold. There should be some news coming in the next few weeks.
                            • GONJA Pro | Send Message 24 Feb 2014
                              : Add $GLCO to watch list low float .10+ no brainier.
                              • Graham Jervis | Send Message 16 Dec 2010

                                just bought some MGMXF.PK, should be sitting pretty 3 years from now.
                                  Company Description
                                  Alterra Power Corp. is a leading global renewable energy company. Alterra operates six power plants totaling 566 MW of capacity, including two geothermal facilities in Iceland, a geothermal plant in Nevada, British Columbias largest run-of-river hydro facility and the provinces largest wind... More
                                  Sector: Utilities
                                  Industry: Water Utilities
                                  Country: Canada