Mastech Holdings, Inc

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  • eftvox | Send Message 22 Apr 2014

    $MHH is kikin arse!
      • eftvox | Send Message 14 Apr 2014

        $MHH beat on 4/23?
          • Jenks Jumps | Send Message 10 Jan 2014

            Mastech Holdings: Discounted Price But Don't Discount The Risks $MHH
              • Ocean Man | Send Message 2 Dec 2012

                $MHH and $ENZN, two sub-$7 stocks, each declared a $2 special dividend Thurs night. MHH put on $1.50 in Friday's trading, ENZN only $0.50.
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                • Ocean Man | Send Message 3 Dec 2012
                  : Maybe, or you could go long ENZN and short MHH. But nothing's a sure thing.
                • Clayton Rulli | Send Message 3 Dec 2012
                  : it never is!
                  Company Description
                  Mastech Holdings Inc is a provider of Information Technology (IT) staffing services. The Company recruit through Global Recruiting Centers located in the U.S. and India that deliver a full range of recruiting and sourcing services.
                  Sector: Services
                  Country: United States