Medical Marijuana, Inc.(MJNA)- OTCPK - Current
  • JennyRebekka | Send Message 30 Jul

    Marijuana Stocks... Huge Buy Ahead Of California Elections!! Read this people... $CBIS $MJNA
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    • mjlong | Send Message 1 Aug
      : Think $TWMJF ahead of new medical regulations in late August and task force recommendations in November a much safer buy with huge upside
      • Dr. Kris | Send Message 25 Jul

        Bad trip: Cannabis stox at highs & now--$VAPE ($49.6, $0.0016) $CBIS ($55k, $0.01) $MJNA ($3.5k, $0.04) $HEMP ($3, $0.03) $MYHI ($14,$0.02).
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        • Dr. Kris | Send Message 25 Jul
          : gregmartin: Me, too. But the problem has been that murky gov't rules lead to murky company transparency. Need to clean up the rules so investors know how best to invest.
        • Dr. Kris | Send Message 25 Jul
          : ray: My point exactly.
          • Alan Brochstein, CFA | Send Message 27 Apr

            Lawsuit Reveals Alleged Mortgage Fraudster Llamas Runs Publicly-Traded MJNA $MJNA
              • Christopher F. Davis | Send Message 18 Apr

                Back in the $ENCC trade. Small spec buy, looking for a quick 2x-3x gain. Pending BIG contract from what sector players suggest. $MJNA $GWPH
                  • shawanna123 | Send Message 15 Apr

                    $MJNA was on of the ones I bought first but it's not moving.
                      • RacerRose | Send Message 5 Apr

                        I'd be happy if $MJNA went back up to a dime right now.
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                        • Tom Landry | Send Message 5 Apr
                          : I had to google this one. This might be a tad too much. I would go with half a position for now.
                        • eojs | Send Message 5 Apr
                          : It was never an exact portion, ahh, it was a simpler time.
                          • TheAmazingJason | Send Message 24 Nov 2015

                            $MJNA Quarterly report out
                              • Pharmacokinetics | Send Message 4 Nov 2015

                                $MJNA I'm buying more! Bernie Sanders just introduced a bill to relieve marijuana restrictions on the federal level in the Senate!
                                  • Pharmacokinetics | Send Message 2 Nov 2015

                                    $MJNA is the hottest penny stock moving forward. A pot stock with actual fundamental worth.
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                                    • Investor RockieK | Send Message 3 Nov 2015
                                      : Take a look at its history. Buy all you want. It's your money...
                                    • Mc73 | Send Message 10 Dec 2015
                                      : Other hot pot pennies worth looking into as spec play: $TRTC $MCIG $CVSI
                                      • TheAmazingJason | Send Message 2 Nov 2015

                                        $MJNA GO! GO! GO!