UBS ETRACS 2x Leveraged Long Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index ETNNYSEARCA
MLPL is defunct since January 29, 2016. Rapid Price Declines
  • Reuben Gregg Brewer | Send Message 2 Feb

    Buying Something Exchange Traded? Better Make Sure You Understand It $MLPL, $MLPV
      • Stanford Chemist | Send Message 27 Jan

        ETRACS Monthly-Reset 2x Leveraged ETNs: Consistent Declines Are Magnified $MLPL
          • Stanford Chemist | Send Message 25 Jan

            What Happened To MLPL? Version 2 $MLPL
              • wilkinson99 | Send Message 22 Jan

                Top % Gainers: $GLNG 41%, $SN 37%, $NRP 22%, $MLPL 20% $ETE $RUSL $CRC $MITL $SGY $UWTI $NGL $TOO $AREX $WMB $TK
                  • Tsunama | Send Message 21 Jan

                    Goodbye $MLPL ... Not a bad time to take a little taste of unlevered MLP funds. Yield carry ridiculously good vs t-bills. $AMLP $EPD $MMP
                      • CyclocrossSam | Send Message 21 Jan

                        Yet, it is still trading. $MLPL
                          • 31October | Send Message 20 Jan

                            $MLPL This bodes badly for all the other distressed ETNs.
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                            • 31October | Send Message 20 Jan
                              : My bad- they are liquidating both. Here is the MLPL announcement:
                            • losbronces | Send Message 21 Jan
                              : MLPL called doesn't bode well for $SMHD, $MORL/MRRL and even $BDCL/LBDC could be @ risk (although they still have volume).
                              • Rubenov | Send Message 20 Jan

                                $MLPL to close -- wow! Do not trust any of UBS' leveraged funds, as they can all meet the same fate.
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                                • IncomeYield | Send Message 20 Jan
                                  : down approx. 60% in one month
                                  • 31October | Send Message 20 Jan

                                    $MLPL, $CEFL, $MORL... Well, shit.
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                                    • Tom Landry | Send Message 20 Jan
                                      : $BDCL also suffers big time. Used to be long on all of that. Glad I'm not there anymore. Maybe on "THE" rebound.
                                      • Be Here Now | Send Message 20 Jan

                                        $MLPL is very close to automatic acceleration.
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